What is a TCI frame?

The American-made TCI Engineering chassis carries a limited lifetime warranty and is built specifically for the 1935-1940 Ford car and ’35-’41 Ford truck, and has an original Ford factory profile to make mounting the body that much easier.

Why is Mustang II suspension popular?

Originally, the Mustang II IFS became popular with street rodders not only because it was relatively easy to install, compared to a subframe swap, but also because it handles so well and provides better brakes and a rack and pinion steering option as a bonus.

What is a Mustang II suspension?

Today, many vendors sell “Mustang II” front suspension systems that share no parts with the original version. “For under $2,000, you can install the Mustang II front end and put in any motor. It gives you disc brakes and rack and pinion steering. The difference in handling, ride, and steering is incredible.”

Who bought chassis engineering?

Heidts Hot Rod
Heidts Hot Rod and Muscle Car Parts has announced it has acquired Chassis Engineering Inc. of West Branch, Iowa.

What year is a Mustang 2 front end?

The second-generation Ford Mustang, marketed as the Ford Mustang II, is a two- or three-door, four passenger, front-engine/rear-drive pony car manufactured and marketed by Ford from 1973 to 1978.

What year did Mustang get independent rear suspension?

Mustangs that are 2015 model year and newer use independent rear suspension. The aforementioned 1999-2004 Cobra Mustangs use IRS as well. While some enthusiasts decry the move away from a solid rear axle, it represented an important shift for the Mustang moving into the modern era.

When should a Mustang suspension be replaced?

Ford recommends replacing the struts and shocks every 60,000 miles. The replacement procedure for each type of Mustang will vary, here is a general overview.

What kind of front suspension does a 67 TCI use?

TCI honestly other than the crossmember, was the same with better brakes, and SS lines for less than Heidts. Have you seen this setup ? It replaces the lower arm with an A-arm but keeps the stock style setup. I gota say, my 67 handles great with it.

How much does a hot rod suspension cost?

For more than 45 years, Total Cost Involved has helped classic car builders, enthusiasts and professionals find the right suspension components to build the perfect ride.

What kind of front suspension does Shelby drop use?

I’ve done 2 with the Shelby drop, negative wedge, Grenada discs and power R&P (1 Ttl Control, 1 Steeroids) but they don’t hold a candle to the R&C, at least turning corners. I’m drawn back to the R&C but really like the install of the TCI.

What kind of suspension does my car have?

I had all BRAND NEW good quality (Scott Drake) suspension parts. New upper and lower arm, poly bushings everywhere, new spring perches (rubber) and new springs and shocks (KYB Gas-A-Justs). I still have the same springs, perches (bought some Opentrackers but havn’t put them in yet) and shocks in there now but its a totally different car to drive.