What are the reviews of up and running?

On a whim, this morning, I popped into York to Up and Running. I was very pleasantly surprised. Super helpful, nothing was too much trouble, trying every show on in the shop and looking at my gait. Extremely pleasant to deal with – my new found running store. I cannot recommend them enough.

How is the customer service at up and running?

“We always have the most AMAZING customer service at Up and Running! There’s absolutely no where else I would recommend for running shoes! Not only is their staff incredibly friendly, but they are so knowledgeable.” “Suzie helped me pick out the perfect fitting shoes and running gear for me, and my 5K this morning went great.

Is there live availability at Kaplan living Nottingham?

At Kaplan Living Nottingham you are: This opens in a new window. Our live availability feature is temporarily out of action. You can still see availability and book accommodation by registering or logging into your account. We are looking into this issue and will have it back up and running soon.

Where to buy up and running running shoes?

It’s Time to Fly! Head to the store in Dayton or Troy. Order online or by phone and pickup curbside. Schedule a 30 minute virtual shoe fitting. Give the gift of fitness while supporting local. Run, Walk, Bike, Swim, Yoga, Pilates, Play Outside??

How does up and running customer service work?

Up & Running prides itself on providing the best customer service and experienced staff to look after the shops. I can assure you that your complaint is being taken seriously and it will be discussed with the staff member.

Is there a return policy for up and running?

Even their returns policy in the event of indoor use not being right, to bring them back to the store. Suffice to say the results are in the running and I’ve just returned from the gym, and no pins and needles, no pain and really happy. That’s really good news.