Is there a walkthrough for the Lost Odyssey?

We’ll keep spoilers out of our guide headings, but know that this is definitely not a spoiler-free walkthrough of Lost Odyssey!

What kind of battle system does Lost Odyssey use?

Lost Odyssey uses a traditional turn-based battle system seen in most Japanese role-playing games, similar to early Final Fantasy iterations. A world map allows the player to move the party between adjacent towns or fields on the map, while later in the game the player is given more freedom to explore the world through the use of ocean-going ships.

Can You preorder Lost Odyssey for Xbox 360?

Pre-ordered copies of Lost Odyssey include an additional dream and an otherwise unobtainable accessory that teaches a Game-Breaker skill, leading some to claim that only those people who preorder will get ‘the full game’.

What’s the biggest complaint about the Lost Odyssey?

Lost Odyssey is more like the real Final Fantasy XI. The biggest complaint gamers have is the turn-based battle system but I honestly don’t see why a game should lose points for that. That’s like me giving Call of Duty a 6 simply because I don’t enjoy running around, aiming at people and pressing the shoot button.

Are there any cheats for Lost Odyssey disc 4?

There are certain parts of the sea that you can’t access due to hypercurrents. Clear the Great Ancient Ruins in Disc 4 to unlock this ability. Make sure your entire party is at least level 44. Have Kaim and Seth in the front row as power hitters, and have the three people you want to level in the back row.

What’s the chance of winning in Lost Odyssey?

Your chance of winning here is Divide and Reversa. Divide deals damage according the users current HP while Reversa deals damage based on the amount of HP the user lost. This monsters physical attacks are no joke either; each hit can take out anybody whose HP is below 8000.

Where is the secret dungeon in Lost Odyssey?

At the beginning of the game’s fourth disc, head to Urha after acquiring the Nautilus Boat following your party’s reunion. Using Tolten, you can break the Urhan Seal in the Gongora Mansion’s courtyard. This will give you access to a secret dungeon.