Is retribution paladin good for PVP?

Retribution Paladin Strengths in PvP We have high on-demand burst with Avenging Wrath, and average consistent damage outside of it. Avenging Wrath also increases healing and now increases Crit chance by 20%, so it can be used as a defensive cooldown when in a pinch.

Is ret paladin good in classic PVP?

Paladins are incredibly durable and powerful healers in WoW Classic. With plate armor, an array of powerful cooldowns, and strong single-target healing, Paladins are one of the best healers for supporting melee and are able to get into the fight without needing to worry about themselves.

Are Ret Pallys good in PvP TBC?

The Ret Paladin is excellent in almost all pvp situations. In 2v2 and 3v3 there are multiple comps that can be built around the ret paladin, while 5v5 its harder to find a place. In Battle grounds, a good ret paladin can be a godsend, with dispels.

Are retribution Paladins good?

Retribution Paladin Overview The defensive utility is very good as well, as it offers a damage reduction aura, a strong single-target damage reduction cooldown for others, massive off-heals, and the best immunity in the game.

How good is ret in Shadowlands?

Which weapon is best for Retribution Paladin?

2H Axes are desirable for Retribution Paladins, as Seal of Command benefits from slow high DPS weapons. Protection Paladins may be interested in 1H Axes to pair with a shield for tanking. The notable debuff weapons Annihilator and Nightfall are also axes.

Is Ret Paladin good in PvE?

Retribution Paladin Strengths Ret Paladins buff their allies with their Auras and Blessings, and can find value in their utility in both PvE and PvP situations. Provides strong burst damage in both single target and AoE situations. Retribution has many viable talent combinations making gameplay variable and customizable.

Is Prot Pally good for PvP?

Prot paladins are a decent tank up until lvl 60 raids. At 60 you’ll be an off tank and do pretty good once geared. In pvp they were quite useless unless very well geared. You would run out of mana if you tried to heal and your damage output was negligible.