Is fly fishing good in Arkansas?

Arkansas is home to some of the hottest fly fishing in the United States. Several of the major rivers include multiple locations that are ripe for top-notch trout fishing. The best spots have a cool water temperature and lots of room to cast a line.

Do trout reproduce in Arkansas?

Brown trout can reproduce successfully in Arkansas, but rainbow trout populations require annual stockings.

What flies to use on the White River?


Various Sowbugs Sizes 14-18 Shad
Olive Wolly Bugger Sizes 8-12 Olive Wooly Bugger
BRF Shrimp Sizes 14-16 Squirrel Nymph
Telico Sizes 12-14 Various Sowbugs

Where is the best place to fly fish in Arkansas?

Fly fishing on the Strawberry River will mostly consist of smallmouth bass and some sunfish. Mirror Lake and North Sylamore Creek Mirror Lake is a tiny 3 acre lake in northern Arkansas stocked with rainbow trout.

What kind of flies are on the Arkansas River?

Some proven fly patterns for the Arkansas River include: 1 Elk Hair Caddis (tan 2 14-16) 3 Two-bit hooker (olive/red 4 18/16) 5 Pheasant tail nymph (natural/flash 6 14-18) 7 Stonefly nymph (golden 8 10-16) 9 Zebra midge (black/red 10 18) More

Is it possible to fly fish as a beginner?

With a beginner fly fishing kit and a few fly fishing lessons under your belt, you’ll soon see that fly fishing for beginners can be highly rewarding and reap several catches. Don’t listen to anyone who says that this mode of fishing is too difficult for beginner anglers.

When is the best time to fish in Arkansas?

Because of Arkansas’ mild climate there are consistent hatches throughout the entire year. Generally when targeting trout in Arkansas April, May and June provides great trout fishing. As the waters warm in mid summer trout fishing can slow down with the bigger and wiser fish hiding out in deeper waters out of reach from sunlight and predators.