How do you catch walleye in the Maumee River?

Wading in the Maumee River and casting up stream is the usual method to catch these spring spawners. A good bait is a lead-headed jig with a colored twister tail. Colors to try should include chartreuse, orange, pink & yellow. First come the 18 to 20 inch jacks then the big female follow.

Are the walleye biting in the Maumee River?

Jeff Kern‎Maumee River Walleye Run bite shut down at 9am wind shifted and ished lil bit more but nothing caught from 9-1030am. School moved out wind slowed bit whatever.. But bite is still plenty of walleye in river.

How long does the Maumee walleye run last?

Depending on weather conditions, the Maumee River walleye run usually begins in early March and ends by early May.

How long is the walleye run?

MAUMEE Fishing the spring walleye run on the Maumee River in Northwestern Ohio has always been on my bucket list, but making the 250-mile round trip never seemed to work out until this past week.

How long does the Maumee Walleye run last?

Can you fish the Maumee River at night?

You can fish the river at night, but check and make sure that the parking lots are open at night.

Why is there a bead on a Carolina rig?

The use of glass or ceramic beads is quite common when it comes to the Carolina rig. Placing a bead between your weight and swivel protects your knot from being constantly beat up by your weight. “That hard, dense tungsten will crack traditional glass and ceramic beads, which will fray your line in a heartbeat.

Where can I find the Maumee River walleye run?

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When is the best time to fish the Maumee River?

The Maumee River offers one of the world’s greatest walleye fishing experiences. Every March and April, thousands of fisherman from around the world descend on the Maumee to fish for walleye.

Where to use a Carolina rig for walleye?

Since walleye are bottom dwelling fish, using a carolina rig is a great way to present your bait to them just above the bottom. If you’re using live bait, the simplest method is to cast out the carolina rig to an area where walleye are likely to pass by on their foraging patrols.

Who is Brian Miller in the Maumee River?

Brian Miller is in the water getting reports on a daily basis. He relies on a network of local avid fisherman, local tackle shops, and personal fishing experiences to give daily updates. You will get many successful pictures and reports each day.