How do you adjust an OMC throttle cable?

Throttle Adjustment

  1. Loosen the throttle cable adjuster jam-nut with the wrenches. Extend or contract the adjuster until the cable moves the throttle to the idle position.
  2. Push the control lever forward to the “Forward idle” position.
  3. Pull the control lever back, through neutral, into the reverse idle position.

How do I remove OMC Cobra outdrive?

OMC Cobra Outdrive Removal

  1. Install lifting eye into upper gear housing until full thread engagement is achieved.
  2. Remove and retain elastic locknut A and flat washer B from trim/tilt pivot rod.
  3. Use a soft hammer to lightly tap trim/tilt pivot rod out of trim/tilt cylinder.

How do I know what OMC outdrive I have?

The model and serial numbers of the vertical drive should be located on the engine model and serial number plate. If the vertical drive model and serial numbers are not recorded with the engine model and serial number, they can be found on a plate located on the vertical drive.

How do you adjust a Bravo 1 shift cable?

LH rotation Bravo One And Two: Forward slot in tool should fit over shift lever stud. If slot does not fit over stud, loosen shift lever stud and slide stud up or down until slot in tool fits over stud. When adjustment is correct, retighten stud.

Are OMC Cobra outdrives good?

The OMC Cobra is actually a good drive. The downfall and bad reputation can often be contributed to misadjusted shift cables, engine idle too high, and inoperable ESA switches. They require a tech who knows what they are doing when these are set up.

Is there an OMC Cobra shift cable adjustment manual?

Re: OMC Cobra shift cable adjustment manual? There is a tool, a plate, that bolts to the bellhousing to hold the shift pin in the right position while you adjust the shift cable’s end. There is also a set adjustment for the shift rod height from the lower.

How to adjust the shift linkage on a Cobra?

Note from Stuart: OMC demands that this adjustment be made using two of their special tools (see Recommended Tools for adjusting the Cobra shift linkage (76k JPEG)). I found the previously OMC-recommended procedure in the OMC Cobra Service Manual: see 11-16 (290k JPEG)and 11-17 (288k JPEG).

Who are the owners of the OMC Cobra sterndrive?

OMC was having financial difficulties at that time, and sold a 50% stake in their sterndrive business to Volvo-Penta. This new sterndrive is available with one prop (“SX”) or dual props (“DP”). The new SX/DP drive retains many of the original Cobra castings.

Do you have 400-800-omc sterndrive parts?

400 – 800 – OMC sterndrive parts Do you have high or low profile upper gearcase. Outboard Marine corporation electric shift lower unit parts OMC Cobra sterndrive parts Mercruiser / Alpha 1 Mercruiser Alpha 1 Generation 2 Johnson / Evinrude, Yamaha, Mercury outboard motors 800 series lower and upper gear-case repairs.