Does WordPress run on PHP 7?

The latest WordPress core software releases have been compatible with PHP 7 and later for a few years now. Upgrading to PHP 8 is a quick and easy way to get more performance for your WP site and server. Not all third-party themes and plugins have been updated to be compatible with PHP 8.

Is PHP 7.4 Stable for WordPress?

PHP 7.4 is in the final stages of its release cycle. WordPress aims to fully support PHP 7.4 in the 5.3 release (currently scheduled for November 12, 2019). Here is a breakdown of the changes in PHP 7.4 that plugin and theme developers need to be aware of and should accommodate in their code.

What version of PHP is best for WordPress?

This means that the PHP version your website runs on, directly affects the security, speed and performance of your site. And as of mid-2017, WordPress officially recommends using PHP version 7.2 or higher.

Does PHP run WordPress?

WordPress is written using PHP as the scripting language. Just like WordPress, PHP is also an Open Source. PHP is a server side programming language. When a user requests a web page that contains PHP code, the code is processed by the PHP module installed on that web server.

Is PHP 7.0 safe?

Plus, PHP 7 is now the official recommended PHP version for WordPress. If your primary concern is that installing PHP 7 will break your site in some way, then we’ve got your back. There’s always some risk involved in an upgrade like this, but there are also ways to carry out the process safely.

What is WordPress PHP version?

Now, WordPress works with PHP versions as old as PHP 5.6, along with: PHP 7.0.

Can WordPress use PHP 8?

However, keep in mind that the latest version of WordPress, 5.6, is only ‘beta compatible’ with PHP 8. It may be a good idea to hold off if your site is a critical part of a business. Meanwhile, you can try it out on a testing site to learn more about what it has to offer.

What is difference between PHP and WordPress?

“PHP acts as a link between the web page and the database while the WordPress interacts with the server-side database to display the page.” Most users use WordPress without learning coding skills in PHP. Hence, a WordPress user mustn’t learn PHP to use, run, or manage any WordPress website.

Which is better PHP 7.1 or 7.3?

Putting PHP versions 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4 against each other in a simple benchmark driven comparison for time taken to do calculations. Results are from using this benchmark script. Value is in seconds, lower is better. Test were ran on a Vultr $6 p/m high-frequency instance (1CPu, 1GB mem) with Ubuntu 18.04 x64

How many WordPress sites are running PHP 7.4?

27.8% of WordPress sites at Kinsta are running PHP 7.4. <0.1% of WordPress sites at Kinsta are running PHP 8.0. We’re proud and excited about these stats. It means the PHP adoption rate among Kinsta customers is much higher than the general WordPress and PHP community.

Which is the best version of PHP for WordPress?

And when it comes to WordPress stats, only 49.9% of the sites are running on supported PHP versions (7.3 or higher). What’s even worse is that 17.2% of all WordPress sites run on PHP 5.6 or lower. It’s better than the overall PHP community, but that’s still many websites with their backdoors wide open.

Is the WordPress core compatible with PHP 7?

Though the WordPress team is continuously working on making WordPress core fully compatible with PHP 7, it could be a little while when all your Plugins and Themes are fully tested and compatible for PHP 7. So upgrading to PHP 7 right now could potentially break your site, if any of your plugin or your theme is not compatible with PHP 7.