Can you use a 16 inch space saver on car with 17 inch wheels?

Yes, you can have a smaller size space saver in your car. It’s a spare for emergencies only – essentially to either get you home or get you to a tyre depot. The slight disparity on rolling circumference is not a problem when used for emergencies only.

Does the Mini Countryman have a spare wheel?

Like many cars, the new MINI Countryman is lacking a spare tire. An alternative to a spare tire includes “run-flat” tires which allow up to 50 miles of travel without air pressure.

Can a space saver wheel be smaller diameter?

A space saver wheel is meant to be fitted to a car if one of the standard tyres is either damaged or punctured. Space saver tyres can either be full-size or smaller than the regular tyres fitted to your car.

Are space saver wheels legal?

Will there be any difference in how the car drives: Yes. This will reduce the vehicle’s cornering and braking abilities. Can space saver wheels be used on motorways: It’s not illegal, but driving at 50mph is dangerous on motorways.

Will a space saver fit any car?

If you’re towing a caravan or trailer and get a puncture, then it’s usually OK to fit a space-saver spare to any axle on the car. With the skinny-spare fitted and a van on the back you must drive straight to a tyre specialist for a repair or replacement rather than attempt a long journey.

Why car spare wheel is smaller?

A spare wheel is the additional deadweight which one carries and used very rarely with the car. Sometimes, to dissuade people from driving with the spare tyre, in the case of a puncture, manufacturers give a size smaller size unit. If a spare wheel is fitted, then it reduces the available boot space.

Do MINIs have spare wheels?

IIRC the new Mini doesn’t have a spare wheel.

Can I use 14 space saver with 15 wheels?

The 14 inch wheel saves no space whatsoever against the 15 inch ones fitted. The 14 inch ones are actually an option to purchase with a new ford fiesta as the standard spare supplied is actually a spacesaver type.

How far can you drive on Space saver?

around 50 miles
Space saver wheels Usually, the maximum speed you can drive on a space saver wheel is 50mph, and although there is no official restriction on the distance you can travel using one, around 50 miles is generally deemed to be the maximum safe distance for usage.

Where to put a space saver spare tire on a Mini Cooper?

Space-Saver Emergency Spare Tire with a heavy duty Storage / Carrying Case! Also compatible with the F56E MINI Cooper SE Electric Hardtop model. Use this Space Saver Spare on the REAR of your MINI. If you have a flat in the front, you need to install the spare on the rear and move a good tire to the front.

Where do I get Mini Space savers from?

Our Mini space savers are Genuine BMW Mini parts supplied direct from Germany – sold to you either with or without a tyre (mounted and balanced). Genuine MINI Mobility kit comprising 12V compressor, tyre sealant, pair black gloves, tyre pressure gauge and user manual.

Do you need a spare wheel for a Mini Cooper?

Whether you’re looking for a BMW Mini spare wheel or a tyre mobility kit to fit your Mini One, Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper S, Mini Countryman or Mini Clubman we stock a complete range of genuine products to get you on your way.

What is the speed limit for a space saver tire?

Do not exceed a speed of 50mph/80kph. You must expect changes in vehicle handling such as lower track stability during braking, longer braking distances and changes in self-steering properties when close to the handling limit. These effects are more pronounced when driving with winter tires. Only one space-saver tire may be mounted at one time.