Why do I get an error on my Backup Exec?

The error can also be caused by a communication problem between the backup server and the backup target. Furthermore, you can receive this error if the backup agent loses its ability to communicate with the data deduplication service running on the Backup Exec server. Veritas provides more details.

What does the Veritas Backup Exec error code mean?

Veritas provides more information. This is one of the Backup Exec error codes that can be somewhat difficult to troubleshoot, as it corresponds to a read or write failure with the backup media. Early on, the error was commonly accompanied by a message indicating the tape drive needs to be cleaned.

Where do I find the Backup Exec command?

After backing up the system, open Registry Editor, and navigate through the registry tree to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\\TypeLib. Right-click on the TypeLib container and choose the Permissions command from the resulting shortcut menu. Give the Administrators group and SYSTEM full control.

What does Backup Exec error code a00084f9 mean?

Backup Exec error A00084f9: A communications failure has occurred between the Backup Exec job engine and the remote agent Another one of the somewhat common Backup Exec error codes is A00084f9. It indicates that a communications failure has occurred between the Backup Exec job engine and the remote agent.

How to get updates for Backup Exec Feature Pack, Service?

The service includes the following three options: Option 1: An installation of the current version of Backup Exec or a previous version if required. To purchase the service, contact your local software reseller or Veritas account representative today. Click here for more details.

What to do If Backup Exec says.net Framework 4.8?

As a temporary workaround, however, you can uninstall .NET Framework 4.8 from your Backup Exec media server and from any servers that have the Backup Exec Remote Administration Console installed. You will need to reboot the server following the removal of the .NET Framework. How easy is a Veritas Backup Exec 16 upgrade from another version?

Where can I find Backup Exec 2010 R2?

I am running Backup Exec 2010 R2 on a Server 2008 32-bit system, which happens to be our primary DC and our principal file server (this was set up long before my time). There three physical drives on the server and two USB external drives (the latter used for archived user files).