Who started Surly brewing?

Omar Ansari
Today, Omar Ansari, owner and founder of Surly Brewing Co., announced he is joining the global expansion of the sport through his purchase of the Minnesota Wind Chill, the state’s first and only professional American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) team.

Who bought Surly brewing?

Surly Brewing Company

Opened 2005
Annual production volume 47,757 US beer barrels (56,042 hL) in 2013.
Owned by Omar Ansari
Website surlybrewing.com
Active beers

Why did Todd Haug leave surly?

According to the statement, Haug is stepping down from his role “to pursue other opportunities and challenges.” “I leave my brewhouses in the extremely capable hands of our co-lead brewers and the innovative brewing team we’ve mentored together,” he said.

Is surly still brewing beer?

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March, Surly has had to adapt, change, pivot, and change again, all in the hope of pushing the two sides of the business–the Brewery and the Beer Hall–through this unprecedented situation and the economic disaster that’s followed.

How many employees does Surly Brewing have?

We’re still making and selling packaged beer to liquor stores across our distribution footprint, and we’re able to maintain a staff of 80 employees.

Where is Todd Haug now?

Todd Haug, the former head of brewing operations at Minneapolis beer staple Surly Brewing, has joined the team at Chicagoland heavyweight Three Floyds.

When did Todd leave surly?

Shortly after Darkness Day 2016, Surly’s Head of Brewing Operations Todd Haug announced his resignation from the company.

Are Surly bikes made in USA?

Surly Bikes is located in Bloomington, Minnesota, America but their bikes and products are manufactured in Taiwan. The company is a branch of Quality Bicycle Products that was founded in 1998. It manufactures and distributes bikes and bike parts across the United States and the rest of the world.