Who is Nepommuck What does Pickering fear Nepommuck might be able to do?

Nepommuck recognizes Higgins and brags about his ability of being able to place any man in Europe by the sole virtue of his pronunciation. This worries Pickering who is afraid that Nepommuck might sniff out Eliza’s origins and blackmail her.

Who is Freddy’s mother in Pygmalion?

Mrs. Eynsford Hill
Freddy’s mother in Pygmalion is Mrs. Eynsford Hill. She’s also known as ‘The Mother’ in Act One.

Is Eliza successful at the ambassador’s reception?

Is Eliza successful at the ambassador’s reception? Yes, she is very successful.

Who is Dr Ezra Wannafeller?

Ezra D. Wannafeller: Rich American philanthropist, who transforms Alfred Doolittle from a common dustman to a member of the middle class by willing him three thousand pounds a year to lecture for the Wannafeller Moral Reform League.

Why did Eliza throw Higgins slippers at him act 4?

It symbolizes her loyalty and devotion to Prof. Higgins. Higgins has successfully trained Eliza to be a lady of quality in much the same way that you’d train a puppy to fetch your slippers.

What did Eliza learn from Pickering?

I shall always be a flower girl to Professor Higgins, because he always treats me as a flower girl, and always will, but I know I can be a lady to you, because you always treat me as a lady, and always will.” She learned grammar and pronunciation from Professor Higgins, but it was from Colonel Pickering that she …

What does Eliza throw at Professor Higgins in Anger?

Eliza, who has gone to find Higgins’s slippers, begins to look angry, then murderous. Higgins leaves, asking Eliza to turn off the light and to ask Mrs. Higgins returns, looking for his slippers again, and Eliza throws them at him.

Why is Eliza angry with Prof Higgins?

Her pride is wounded, because Higgins never thanks her for anything and Higgins is offended by Eliza, because she throws his slippers into his face and says that in Higgins eyes she would be just one of the girls he and Pickering pick up to experiment on.

What does Higgins call Eliza?

squashed cabbage leaf
Right at the beginning he calls Eliza a “squashed cabbage leaf”(32) and even worse, he says that “a woman who utters such depressing and disgusting sounds has no right to be anywhere – no right to live.”(31). This shows that he really scorns her at that time.

Who is nepommuck and what does he do?

Nepommuck is an Hungarian linguistic prodigy. He says he can place any accent in Europe just by hearing it.

Who is hiding Eliza upstairs in Pygmalion?

Mrs. Higgins, who has been hiding Eliza upstairs all along, chides the two of them for playing with the girl’s affections. When she enters, Eliza thanks Pickering for always treating her like a lady, but threatens Higgins that she will go work with his rival phonetician, Nepommuck. The outraged Higgins cannot help but start to admire her.

Who is Colonel Pickering in the book Pygmalion?

Colonel Pickering, a linguist who has traveled to London from India to see Higgins. An elderly, amiable soldier, Pickering is as confirmed a bachelor as Higgins, but he is a gentleman who treats Eliza with respect and helps to moderate Higgins’ mistreatment of her.

Who is Freddy in the book Pygmalion?

The son Freddy is very attracted to her, and further taken with what he thinks is her affected “small talk” when she slips into cockney. Mrs. Higgins worries that the experiment will lead to problems once it is ended, but Higgins and Pickering are too absorbed in their game to take heed.