What is the significance of Chapter 14 in Frankenstein?

Summary: Chapter 14 After some time, the monster’s constant eavesdropping allows him to reconstruct the history of the cottagers. The old man, De Lacey, was once an affluent and successful citizen in Paris; his children, Agatha and Felix, were well-respected members of the community.

Why does Felix decide the merchant escape in Chapter 14 of Frankenstein?

Safie’s father, a Turkish merchant, was accused of betraying the French government, for which he was tried and imprisoned. Felix, who was present at the trial and enraged at the injustice he saw, decided to help him to escape from prison, and in the process, he fell in love with Safie.

Why does Felix leave safie and her father in Italy in Chapter 14 of Frankenstein?

Safie’s father was falsely imprisoned by the Parisian government. Because Felix helped the him escape, the DeLacey’s were stripped of their fortune and condemned to live in exile for the rest of their lives. Thus, they retreated to the German cottage. You just studied 8 terms!

How did Felix meet safie?

Anyway, Safie met Felix when he was visiting her father in prison, and they fell in love. Felix plotted to help Safie’s father escape from prison, but he was discovered, and the family was exiled sans all their money.

Why did Safie’s father not let safie see Felix?

Safie’s father is a Muslim. He is very strongly opposed to the idea of his daughter marrying a Christian instead of a Muslim. Because of this, he decides against letting her marry Felix.

How did safie reject the cultural expectations placed on her?

Examine how Safie sought to reject the cultural expectations placed on her. She wants to marry a Christian, as she was taught Christanity by her mother, and live independently and make her own decisions. Safie’s father fell in love with and married a Christian Arab, but he will not allow Safie to marry a Christian.

How did Safie’s father betray Felix?

Safie’s father offered Felix De Lacey Safie’s hand in marriage, in order to help him escape prison. But he does help Safie’s father escape, for which he himself is thrown in jail. At this point, Safie’s father betrays the De Laceys by returning to Turkey with Safie and leaving the family in jail.

What happens in Chapter 14 of the book Frankenstein?

Frankenstein Chapter 14 Summary & Analysis. The Turk offered Felix his daughter’s hand in marriage in exchange for helping the two escape. Felix, Safie, and her father escaped and made it to Italy, but then Felix’s role in the conspiracy was discovered, and as a result the De Laceys lost their wealth and were exiled by the government.

Where does Felix De Lacey go in Frankenstein?

Felix De Lacey is present for the trial, and he vows to help the merchant escape from prison. Felix goes to visit Safie’s father and tell him of the plan.

What happens to Felix and Agatha in Frankenstein?

But news comes from Paris that Felix’s plot has been discovered and his elderly father and sister Agatha have been thrown in prison. Felix tells Safie’s father that he has to go turn himself in, and Safie should stay in Italy if the merchant has a chance to go back to Turkey. Safie’s father agrees, but has no intention of honoring his promise.

What was the point of the monster in Frankenstein?

Shelley’s point here is that the monster is telling this story about the injustice that the De Lacey family has to endure. This gives him the idea that he’s not the only one who has suffered from an injustice.