What is the rule for words ending in El Or Le?

Every syllable needs a vowel. So, if you hear ‘l’ at the end of a word and you can’t hear a vowel sound, most commonly you will use ‘al’ or ‘le’. You use ‘al’ if you are adding a suffix onto a base or root word (e.g., magic – magical). You use ‘le’ if it is a part of the word (e.g., little, candle).

What are words that end with Le?


  • understandable.
  • uncontrollable.
  • insurmountable.
  • comprehensible.
  • irreconcilable.
  • unintelligible.
  • impressionable.
  • indestructible.

When adding to a word that ends in a single l Keep the L?

The rule states that if a word has only one vowel and ends in F, L, or S, double the last letter. The word floss is a perfect example of this rule, and it also contains the letters f, l, and s! That makes “The Floss Rule” a pretty handy name, doesn’t it?

Is Le a syllable?

The consonant +le syllable is a syllable where you have a consonant with an le following it. There is a schwa sound that happens in these syllables right before the letter l. So you will hear the vowel sound making a schwa sound of ul. Examples include -ble, -cle, -dle, -fle, and -gle.

Which is the correct ending for Al El or Le?

Press “New Worksheet” above for a different set of sentences. Choose the correct ending for each word: al, el, or le. Then write the complete word in the column with that ending. The first one is done for you!

When to use Al or El after a consonant?

Use al or el after a consonant digraph: sh ch th qu 3. Use al or el after a vowel in words like: usu al fu el Unfortunately, the rules above don’t tell you whether it is al or el. This means you must learn as before, by looking, writing them in groups and saying the words aloud, stressing the weak vowel.

Which is the correct spelling Al or Le?

Spelling the word endings le, al, el al el qu equal sequel sh marshal bushel th lethal wherewithal brothel

How to spell le al el spellzone?

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