What is the Haddon matrix based on?

Haddon’s Matrix is a brainstorming tool that combines the epidemiology triangle (host, agent, environment) and levels of prevention. This combination gives you a way to look at planning for injury interventions and prevention strategies (step 3) by phases in time of the event.

What is the host in Haddon matrix?

The Haddon matrix and pedestrian injury from automobiles. The host column represents the person or persons at risk of injury. The agent of injury impacts the host through a vehicle (inanimate object) or vector (person or other animal/organism). Physical environment refers to the actual setting where the injury occurs.

What is one of the primary Haddon phases?

The phases in Haddon’s initial configuration referred to rows in the matrix. These are the phases at which change would have its effect—pre-crash, crash, or post-crash. These have been broadened beyond the motor vehicle arena to encompass other injury problems by using the terms “pre-event,” “event” and “post-event”.

Why was the Haddon matrix developed?

Developed by William Haddon in 1970, his “phase-factor matrix” was developed to facilitate an assessment of the many things that contribute to injury occurrence and severity.

What are the 3 E’s of injury prevention?

One well-known injury prevention framework is referred to as the education, engineering and enforcement (‘3 E’s’) approach to injury prevention.

What is Haddon’s accident theory?

Energy Release Theory — a theory of accident causation and control, developed by Dr. William Haddon Jr., that portrays accidents in terms of energy transference. This transfer of energy, in large amounts and/or at rapid rates, can adversely affect living and nonliving objects, causing injury and damage.

When organizing a community illness or injury program you should first?

When organizing a community illness or injury program, you should FIRST: identify a lead person to coordinate the effort.

What is the E in EHS?

EHS stands for Environment, Health & Safety. Environment is the natural world around you and in the context of compliance, the “E” of EHS indicates the regulations that are designed to protect the environment.

What are the 3 factors that cause injury?

Did you know that most athletic injuries can be boiled down into three main categories? Acute, Overuse and Chronic.

What is energy release theory?

What is required from EMS providers at every level for any prevention program to succeed?

What is required from EMS providers at every level for any prevention program to succeed? They must instruct others in the fundamentals of primary prevention.

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