What is the best road trip in Europe?

Now, on to the top road trip destinations in Europe!

  • Amalfi Coast – Italy.
  • Autobahn – Germany.
  • Dalmatian Coast – Croatia.
  • Basque Circuit – Northern Spain.
  • Romantic Road – Germany.
  • Atlantic Road – Norway.
  • North Coast 500 – Scotland.
  • Causeway Coastal Route – Ireland.

Where can you drive from UK to Europe?

The Lakes, Italy.

  • The Romantic Road, Germany.
  • Les Corniches, France.
  • Cantabrian Coast, Spain.
  • The Troll Path, Norway.
  • Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland.
  • Scandinavian Explorer, Denmark & Sweden.
  • Canals and chocolate, Netherlands & Belgium.
  • How do I plan a European road trip?

    8 Tips To Plan An Epic Europe Road Trip

    1. Find The Right Car To Travel Europe.
    2. Check Your Car + Travel Insurance Before Hitting The Road.
    3. See if you need an International Driving Permit To Travel Europe.
    4. Check The Vignette / Toll Road Situation.
    5. Brush Up On Local Driving Laws Before You Travel Europe.

    Do you need GB sticker to drive in Europe?

    You now do need a GB sticker if your car has a Euro-plate, as well as if the number plate has no national identifier on it or displays a national flag of England, Scotland or Wales. You don’t need a GB sticker, however, if your car’s number plate features the GB logo either on its own or accompanied by the Union Jack.

    Do you need a GB sticker to drive in Europe?

    Is it cheaper to drive or take the train in Europe?

    Every year, as train prices go up, car rental becomes a better option for budget travelers in Europe. While solo car travel is expensive, three or four people sharing a rented car will usually travel cheaper than the same group using rail passes.

    What to expect on your first trip to Europe?

    What To Expect When You Travel Europe 1. You will have money problems. Period. 2. You will get lost. 3. If you don’t speak the language, you will be misunderstood. 4. The food will not be the same. 5. Some people are jerks. 6. You can’t plan for everything. There will be surprises.

    What are the best vacation trips in Europe?

    Aarhus- Denmark. The canal town of Aarhus in Denmark is one of the best travel destinations in Europe especially when travelling with toddlers as the streets are safe and uncrowded with friendly English speakers. Established as one of the European Capitals of Culture for 2017, Aarhus is the best vacation spot in the world for this year.

    What to pack for a trip to Europe?

    Both men and women should bring a day bag to Europe, like a cross-body bag or a small backpack. Pack a reusable water bottle, a basic first-aid kit, sunscreen and reading material. Some travelers like the security of keeping their passports and cash in a money belt under their clothes.

    Are there toll roads in Europe?

    European Toll Roads. Roads attracting a toll are mostly motorways or expressways or those which travel through tunnels. In most cases, tolls are paid in proportion to the distance travelled on each toll road and this is particularly so in Italy and France.