What is permaculture sector analysis?

In permaculture, the term sector refers to any natural or uncontrolled influence that moves through your design site. And through sector analysis, you can anticipate and enact design decisions that will mediate, mitigate, and improve how those uncontrolled influences affect your site.

What are permaculture zones?

Permaculture zones are the different growing zones in your permaculture design. A permaculture garden is divided into growing zones according to how frequently you visit the different areas, and your plants are placed in these areas according to how much attention they need.

What is Sector Mapping?

A sector map for data mining results is a visual presentation of data for a particular drug across all System Organ Classes (SOCs). A large tile represents each System Organ Class (SOC) in the sector map. Smaller tiles within each SOC tile represent Preferred Terms (PTs).

How many permaculture zones are there?

19 Zones Zones
19 Zones. Zones are a key design tool that we use in Permaculture, and they are part of the decision making matrix.

What are the rules of permaculture?

Apply self-regulation and accept feedback. Use and value renewable resources and services. Produce no waste. Design from patterns to details.

What is a cache memory PDF?

Cache memory is one of the fastest memories inside a computer which acts as a buffer or mediator between CPU and Memory (RAM). When CPU requires some data element it goes to Cache and it that data element is present in cache, it fetches it; otherwise, cache controller requests the data from memory.

How are sectors used in permaculture sector analysis?

The site is drawn (use the base map) and lines showing north, south, east and west are added (sectors). Winds, path of the sun (in winter and summer), water movement, wildlife patterns and movement, vehicles and pedestrian flows, fire movement, and other energies are added to build up a picture of how different energies flow across the site.

What are the 5 steps of permaculture design?

The following elements of design will be discussed: 1. Mainframe Design 2. Sector Analysis 3. Zone Planning 4. Workflows 5. Analysing & Connecting Components 1. Mainframe Design Mainframe design is often our starting point when it comes to Permaculture design as it looks at the big picture.

How is permaculture used in the outer zones?

In outer zones such as 3 or 4, lower cost, less energy intensive solutions such as windbreak plantings are used to slow the wind. Closer to the home more intensive solutions such as walls or use of grey water might be used to protect water-demanding plants, animals and people from a drying wind.

How is sector analysis used in landscape design?

The sector analysis diagram simply shows the direction of flow of these energies into the property. Simple commonsense then dictates how this sector information influences the configuration and placement of elements within the appropriate zones in the design.