What is Helix pipe?

Made popular by their patented airflow system, Helix bongs and pipes from Grav Labs continually sets new standards in the smoking accessories industry. This swirling vortex creates a cooler, smoother smoke that is easier on your throat and lungs. …

How much is a helix pipe?

GRAV Helix Classic / $ 84.99 at 420 Science.

Are Grav pipes good?

They now produce an extensive range of water pipes in a wide variety of styles, produced almost entirely out of borosilicate glass – a highly durable material, even at high temperatures. While GRAV are best known for their amazing range of glass bongs, they also produce an extensive variety of hand pipes and bubblers.

How do you smoke out of a helix pipe?

Inhale from the mouthpiece as you would during use, steadily but firmly pulling air through the Venturi chamber. The ball of paper should spin around inside the chamber in a consistent clockwise motion. If it doesn’t, please reach out to our Support Team for guidance.

How does the helix pipe work?

How Does American Helix Work? In a helix chamber, smoke either from dry herbs or concentrates, moves through a Venturi chamber. This funnels the fluid which increases with velocity as it passes through the pipe. This means instantly clearer filtration for the smoke before it’s even at the percolator.

How do you use grav pipe?

Simply add RezBlock to your water pipe or bubbler, and very little resin will stick to the glass anywhere it touches water. You’ll need 7-14 drops per use depending on the size of the piece and whether it has a perc where you can also add a couple drops.

Where is Helix glass made?

Charlottesville, VA
Double Helix Glassworks manufactures soft glass colors in Charlottesville, VA.

What is a tornado bong?

Tornado bongs and dab rigs, also called cyclone bongs, are a popular way to smoke up. Simply take a hit and watch the water and smoke swirl in the glass chamber. KING’s Pipe scientific bongs, water pipes, recyclers, and oil rigs are packed with tornado disc percolators, also known as turbine cyclone percs.

Why is ROOR glass so expensive?

ROOR Bongs are so expensive because of the quality of the glass (premium German Schott Duran Pyrex) and the quality of the craftsmanship. While all glass is breakable, a thick glass by RooR is far more durable than a Chinese-made cheap bong (usually under $100).

Where are grav labs pipes made?

Where are GRAV products made? GRAV sources most of our raw materials and finished products from a factory in China, with whom we’ve worked closely for years.

How do you use a helix bong?

How Do You Use A Helix Bong?

  1. Fill up the base with enough water to cover 2 inches of the downstem.
  2. Pack your bowl with your desired herb and insert it to the joint.
  3. Take a slow, steady drag through the mouthpiece and light up your herb.
  4. Maintain an even steady and firm suction as you drag through the mouthpiece.

Where to buy glass pipes from Grav labs?

Smoke Cartel is an official retailer for Grav Labs. Here you’ll find an excellent selection of bubblers, recyclers, hand pipes, water pipes, dab rigs, and other glass pipes by Grav Labs. GRAV is know for their quality scientific glass pipes, as well as innovative designs like the Helix collection, STAX, Arcline and more.

Why is my bag full of Grav pipes?

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Where can I buy the best DAB rigs?

Dab rigs, Bongs, Vapes & more We’ve made the world’s best smoke shop with only the best bongs, vapes, and dab rigs. We have everything you need to take the perfect dab. The best selling vaporizers, bongs, dab pens, and cannabis accessories across our entire smoke shop. Read our blog and learn! How Does a Bong Work?

What kind of filter does a grav beaker use?

Matthew from Tennessee bought a Grav Labs 14.5mm Male Octobowl about . Verified Buyer “Flawless and fits my favorite grav beaker. Thanks to all the grav team for your quality and customer service!” – Judith T. Verified Buyer Daniel from Virginia bought a Grav Labs 14.5mm Charcoal Filter about . Verified Buyer