What album is enjoy the silence on by Depeche Mode?

Enjoy the Silence/Album
“Enjoy the Silence” is a song by English electronic music band Depeche Mode. Recorded in 1989, it was released as the second single from their seventh studio album, Violator (1990), on 5 February 1990. The single is Gold certificated in the US and Germany. The song won Best British Single at the 1991 Brit Awards.

Who Covered enjoy the silence?


Title Performer Release date
Enjoy the Silence Depeche Mode February 5, 1990
Enjoy the Silence PSB & The Ravers 1992
Enjoy the Silence Bartrek 1992
Enjoy the Silence Norton’s 1995

Who covered Depeche Mode enjoy silence?

Fousheé has covered Depeche Mode’s song ‘Enjoy The Silence’ – you can her rendition of the band’s 1990 track below.

What song did Depeche Mode cover?

Enjoy The Silence

Did Depeche Mode ever cover a song?

“Enjoy the Silence” is up there with “Just Can’t Get Enough” and “Personal Jesus” as one of the most instantly recognisable Depeche Mode hits that defined the 1990s. The song has been covered numerous times, but one of the most unexpected renditions is that of Susan Boyle.

What’s the meaning of enjoy the silence by Depeche Mode?

Dave Gahan explained the meaning of the song’s Anton Corbijn-directed music video to Entertainment Weekly (March 23, 2017): “Anton came to me – he’s Dutch you know – and said [in clipped Dutch accent], ‘So Dave, I have an idea. You’re gonna wear a crown. You’re this king walking everywhere, and you’re gonna carry a deck chair…’

When did Depeche Mode release Remixes 81-04?

Remixes 81–04 is an album by English electronic music band Depeche Mode, released on 25 October 2004. It was the band’s first release since Daniel Miller ‘s independent label Mute Records was acquired by industry major EMI in 2002. It features well-known remixes from the band’s back catalog as well as previously unavailable mixes.

Who is the lead singer of enjoy the silence?

The song was written by the group’s primary songwriter, Martin Gore, with lead vocals by Dave Gahan. At first, this was a ballad played on an organ. Alan Wilder got the idea to speed up the song. The other members didn’t like the idea, but after some time became convinced.

What kind of music is violator by Depeche Mode?

Violator was a lot of bluesy gospel songs and (New York DJ/mixer) Francois Kevorkian brought this dance thing to it. It was a great combination of people.