Is Dare2b a good ski brand?

Summary. Overall everybody on our trip was very impressed with the Dare 2b ski range. Dare 2b is a brand that will never let the moss grow, and continues to push the boundaries on technology, while keeping their fingers firmly on the pulse of fashion on the slopes.

Is Dare2b owned by Regatta?

Regatta Group Brands | Dare2b.

Is Dare2b true to size?

Items fit true to size.

Are Dare2b ski jackets waterproof?

The Dare 2b Inventive Jacket uses the waterproof and breathable Ared 5000 coated polyester fabric in its construction with strategically placed 4 way stretch panels. A jacket designed for all occasions, useful in a multitude of outdoor activities.

Are dare2b jackets warm?

In use, the jacket is certainly warm, with 250g of high-loft polyester insulation, though we would have dearly liked to see some zipped vents in key areas such as the armpits for quick heat release when needed.

Are Craghoppers and Regatta the same company?

Sustainability has always been part of the DNA of British outerwear brand Craghoppers. Founded in Batley, West Yorkshire, in 1965 by outdoor enthusiasts Brian Gaskin and Roy Holmes, in 1995 it was bought by the Manchester-based Regatta Group, which is owned by the Black family.

What does ared 5000 mean?

A waterproof garment is measured with two numbers. For example, if a coat were 5,000mm waterproof, a test is conducted where a long tube is placed over the fabric and the tube is then filled with water. 5,000mm or 5 metres (16.4 ft) is how far you could fill the tube before it would start to leak through the fabric.

Are Regatta jackets small fitting?

I know from previous experience Regatta coats run small so ordered size bigger than I normally wear and just as well as even so there is little wiggle room with a jumper underneath. Still, it is a lovely warm coat and with a hood will be perfect for winter.

Is Craghopper a good brand?

Re: Craghoppers They’re good and for trousers and mid layers they’re the best VFM on the market IMO. I tend to spend the extra on outer layers – waterproofs, down jackets etc – but for cheap mid layers and day to day wear I think they’re brilliant.

Is Trespass a good brand?

Although quite a bit cheaper than Berghaus, I have found Regatta and Trespass very good for the money and good value for money. I have been so impressed by the quality of the fleeces, waterproof jackets and softshells that I rarely buy Berghaus now and stick to the budget brands.

What to wear with a Dare 2B ski jacket?

Dare 2b ski jackets use bold colours and sleek designs to help you stand out from the crowd on the piste. Don’t forget to match your ski jacket with a pair of Dare 2b salopettes to complete your winter look. While our ski jackets may be high in quality, they’re low in price.

What kind of clothing do you wear in apres ski?

Whether you’re racing down the mountain or chilling at the après ski, Dare 2b has all the skiing essentials to protect you from the elements in style. Featuring the latest trendy prints and bold block colours, there’s something to suit everyone.

Where can I buy the best ski clothes?

High performance ski wear is our speciality, so you can rest easy knowing that we stock only the best quality ski clothing in our collection. Shop with us for essential ski gear such as ski jackets, salopettes, & skiing accessories. Looking for Skiing clothes with Attitude?