How significant was the Battle of Ypres and Polygon Wood?

Known as the Battle of Polygon Wood, this crucial victory allowed the allied forces to advance towards the tactically important Broodseinde Ridge. The eight-day battle (from 26 September to 3 October 1917) was a success, but victory came at the cost of more than 5700 Australian casualties, including many Queenslanders.

What was the aim of the Polygon Wood battle?

The attack was made on a 1,800 yd (1,600 m) front, from the Menin road to Polygon Wood, to recapture pillboxes and shelters in the Wilhelmstellung 500 yd (460 m) away.

What happened at Polygon Wood?

The name “Polygon Wood” derived from a young plantation forest that lay along I ANZAC’s axis of advance. Scheduled to begin on 26 September 1917, the attack was almost derailed by a German attack on the British X Corps to the south of I ANZAC….Battle of Polygon Wood.

Date from 26 September 1917
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

When did the battle of Polygon Wood End?

September 26, 1917 – September 27, 1917
Battle of Polygon Wood/Periods

What was the impact of Ypres?

The Second Battle of Ypres ended on May 25, with insignificant gains for the Germans. The introduction of poison gas, however, would have great significance in World War I. Immediately after the German gas attack at Ypres, the French and British began developing their own chemical weapons and gas masks.

Where was the Battle of Polygon Wood?

Polygon Wood
Battle of Polygon Wood/Location

Who won the battle of Poelcappelle?

Battle of Poelcappelle
Date 9 October 1917 Location Poelcappelle, West Flanders, Belgium50.922°N 2.963°ECoordinates:50.922°N 2.963°E Result Inconclusive
British Empire Australia United Kingdom Newfoundland France German Empire
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Why was Ypres so important in ww1?

The defence of Ypres, or “Wipers”, was key to the British hold on this sector of the Western Front. The town was an important strategic landmark blocking the route for the Imperial German Army through to the French coastal ports.

Where was Polygon Wood located in World War 1?

Polygon Wood is a small wood located about four miles east of Ypres. The wood was sometimes known as Racecourse Wood, as there was a track within it. During the Great War, Polygon Wood was totally destroyed, and it was only replanted after the war.

Who was involved in the Third Battle of Ypres?

Menin Road and Polygon Wood The Australian infantry divisions joined the Third Battle of Ypres which had been going on since 31 July when they took part in the battle of Menin Road on 20 September 1917. Fortunately a change in the weather brought for them better fighting conditions.

What was the cost of the Battle of Polygon Wood?

These systematic step-by-step advances, staying within range of the supporting artillery, pushed the line forward by a few kilometres, but they were made at a heavy cost; in just over a week there were almost 11,000 Australian casualties. Aerial and ground-level photographs taken of the Polygon Wood area.

How many Irish soldiers died in Polygon Wood?

On the 25th of October 1914 the Germans held the northern half of the wood, and 1st Irish Guards and 2nd Grenadier Guards were ordered to clear them out. During their advance here, nine of the Irish Guards were killed and four wounded by a single shell.