How long are aircraft leases?

A typical dry lease lasts upwards of two years and bears certain conditions with respect to depreciation, maintenance, insurances, etc., depending also on the geographical location, political circumstances, etc.

Is aviation leasing a good career?

One of the most appealing elements of a career in aircraft leasing is the opportunity to get a higher base salary earlier on in your career. As a growing and very competitive industry, employers are keen to hire the best candidates and are willing to offer generous salaries to attract them.

What company leases airplanes to airlines?

Most airlines usually don’t have, or would rather not spend, this much money on just one order. So instead, airlines opt to lease their aircraft from an aircraft lessor. In essence, lessors purchase planes from manufacturers like Airbus and Boeing and lease them to airlines for a monthly rental over a fixed period.

How much does an aircraft lease cost?

An average aircraft lease will be around $60,000 up to half a million US dollars, depending on the age and the model of the aircraft. For the sake of simplicity, we will say around $200,000 US per month for the lease of an Airbus A320. This would mean a cost of $6451 per day.

Do airlines own their aircraft?

Many airlines do not really own the aircraft they fly. Like a lot of people do for cars, they lease them, from aircraft leasing firms. Four out of 10 commercial aircraft worldwide are on lease. Being able to place an aircraft off the balance sheet, as it is often the case with leases, is no trivial matter.

What is an aircraft leasing consultant?

An aircraft leasing company’s primary job is to manage a wide portfolio of aircraft, leased to operators throughout the globe. This implies that a significant amount of resources, both human and financial, must be spent on aircraft transitions from one lessee to another.

Is it better to lease or buy a plane?

Leasing an aircraft has several clear benefits, chief among them affordability. Not only do you forgo the upfront cost of purchasing a jet outright, but the cost of ongoing ownership is also much lower. This means more cash on hand in the immediate, as well as over the long-term.

Is it cheaper to buy or rent a jet?

While a private jet rental is considerably more expensive than flying on a commercial flight, it is still much cheaper than buying your own jet. Flights on private jets are charged by the hour. Prices vary depending on the size of the plane, the length of the flight and the number of people on board.

Is it better to buy or lease a plane?

What kind of company is Avation aircraft leasing?

Avation PLC is a specialist commercial passenger aircraft leasing company managing a fleet of aircraft which it leases to airlines across the world.

What kind of leasing services does Airwork offer?

Airwork offers leasing services for both wet lease and dry lease requirements. We offer a wide range of aircraft, and oversee brokerage, sourcing the aircraft, maintenance and crewing (for wet lease). The majority of our aircraft operate in the freight and logistics sector throughout New Zealand and Australia.

What does it mean to lease an aircraft?

Aircraft leasing involves the use of a lease by airlines and other aircraft operators to obtain an aircraft from either another airline or from a leasing company.

Which is the best Air leasing company in Australia?

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