How do I get my pictures off my Samsung Galaxy S3?

Connect the device to a computer using the supplied USB cable.

  1. If necessary, touch and hold the Status bar (area at the top of the phone screen with the time, signal strength, etc.) then drag to the bottom. The image below is merely an example.
  2. Tap the USB icon. then select Media device (MTP).

How do I view my photos on Samsung gallery?

Start the Gallery app by choosing its icon from the Apps screen on your Samsung Galaxy tablet, or you may find a shortcut lurking on the Home screen. When the Gallery app opens, you see pictures organized into albums. If you see the Camera app when you start the Gallery, touch the Back button to return to the Gallery.

How do I change where photos are saved on Samsung?

Once you tap on the cog-wheel, you’ll be in your camera’s settings; swipe all the way down until you get to the Save settings sections. There, you’ll find the Storage option, tap on it, and your Android device should give you the option to change the storage path. Tap on the SD card option, and the change is done.

Can Samsung Active 2 take pictures?

Use your Galaxy Watch Active2 to take photos and videos remotely. It’s great for capturing the perfect selfie from a distance.

How do you sync pictures from Samsung Galaxy S3?

To setup S3 picture sharing between the connected devices, access your apps then open the camera. Tap the settings on the camera followed by “Shooting Mode.” Choose “Share Shot” to retrieve the connected devices. Confirm sharing between the phone and computer to finalize the process.

How do I send a picture from my Samsung Galaxy S3?

Share Picture from Gallery – Samsung Galaxy Note® 3

  1. From a Home screen, tap Apps.
  2. Tap Gallery.
  3. Select an album.
  4. Tap the preferred photo.
  5. Tap Share.
  6. From the Share via prompt, tap one of the available options (e.g., Bluetooth, Cloud, Email, Gmail, Messaging, etc.).

Where have all my photos gone Samsung?

The detailed steps to fix it are: Go to the file manager and find the folder containing . nomedia file > When you have found the file, rename the file to any name you like > Then restart the device, and here you should find your missing pictures in your Android gallery again.

How to hide a folder from the gallery on Samsung S3?

To hide a folder from the Gallery: [Update 23/8/2013] – If you’ve upgraded your Galaxy S3 to the latest firmware such as Android 4.1.2 and above, the below steps will no longer make your folder hidden. Now, you can either use the My Files app to put a “.” in front of the folder’s name that you want to hide or use the nomedia file method.

Where are my photos and videos stored on my Galaxy Tab S3?

1 From the Home screen, touch Apps. 2 Ttouch Camera. Note: Touch CANCEL and your device will be used as the default storage location. Note: Videos and pictures taken using certain camera modes will be saved to the device regardless of the storage location setting. 1 From the Home screen, touch Apps.

How can I view my photos from my Samsung phone?

Samsung Gallery. You can view and save photos and videos taken on your phone directly on your computer. – Sign in to your Samsung account to view your photos and videos in Samsung Cloud. – Download all photos and videos to back them up from Cloud to computer storage. – Register your local folders to manage all photos and videos at the same time.

How can I view my files on my Samsung Galaxy?

Tap a folder that contains files that you would like to view. This will allow you to browse your Samsung Galaxy’s files from within the My Files app. For example, you would tap DCIM to view photos.