Did Captain Rex take part in Order 66?

Rex’s hesitation to carry out Order 66 is unique among the Republic’s clones. Here’s the reason for his trepidation and their lack thereof. Rex struggled to fulfill Order 66 in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, unlike his clone brothers.

What was Captain Rex Order 66?

When Darth Sidious calls for Order 66 to begin, Rex hesitates before submitting to his programming. Eliminating his Jedi general and close friend Ahsoka Tano is his new mission, which he struggles to do. Luckily for both of them, she subdues him and removes his inhibitor chip, granting him free will once again.

Is Captain Rex a good guy?

He is described as a reliable and exemplary soldier, considered by Anakin to be his “first-in-command”. Rex is characterized as believing it is his duty to not only carry out orders but also to protect the men under his command; however, his belief in the Republic wavers over the course of the series.

Why did Captain Rex not obey Order 66?

Based on this episode alone, it really makes him seem like he’d be one of the clones to NOT obey Order 66. Unfortunately, as the Clone Wars show is held as higher cannon than any game or EU story, no clone resisted the order at all.

Is there any mention of Order 66 in Starwars?

There isn’t any canonical mention of rex in regards to order 66. There is a 2 or 3 episode arc in season 4 that deals with Rex and this kind of theme of always following orders. It’s really good and should help you decide if you think he followed order 66 or not.

What happens to Rex and Ahsoka after Order 66?

Fives’s death led him to uncover his inhibitor chip, which enabled him and his long-time friend Ahsoka to escape Order 66 during the Siege of Mandalore. After living on Seelos with fellow Clone veterans Commanders Gregor and Wolffe, Rex joined the Phoenix Cell and reunited with his old friend Tano.

Who is Rex in the Grand Army of the Republic?

Grown to be among the greatest soldiers in the galaxy and a leader, Rex was given additional command training and was promoted to be a Clone Captain in the Grand Army of the Republic. Like other clone trooper officers, Rex was given ARC training. After his training was complete, Rex was assigned command of the 501st Legion ‘s Torrent Company.