Can I study BCOM with maths literacy?

Certain universities conduct interviews as part of their selection process. Core Mathematics from 50-59% (some universities will accept a Maths mark of 30-39% and some will accept a Maths Literacy mark of 60-69%.) Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Information Technology, Civil Technology.

Does UCT accept maths lit?

Exposure to NSC Mathematics or Maths Literacy is required for admission into UCT Mathematics courses.

Can I study computer science with maths literacy?

Maths or Maths Literacy is compulsory with complementary subjects such as Physical Science, Information Technology and Computer Application Technology (CAT) are important for this area. For computer animation, Visual Arts and Design are highly recommended.

Does University of Free State accept maths literacy?

A: To study in the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, Mathematical Literacy does not generally give you entrance. Consult the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences Faculty Booklet for more information on 2021 admission requirements and study options.

What qualifications can I get with maths literacy?


  • Beauty Therapy (ITEC Diploma)
  • Business Management.
  • Engineering & Related Design.
  • Education & Development.
  • Finance, Economics & Accounting.
  • Hairdressing.
  • Hospitality Studies.
  • Information Technology & Computer Science.

Can you become a teacher with maths literacy?

In order to teach Foundation Phase, you will need to have passed Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy in Matric and have your Bachelor’s degree.

How do I get into UCT?

South African NSC undergraduate applicants to UCT, must have achieved a rating of 2 (Elementary Achievement, 30-40%) or better at Home Language or First Additional Language level.

Can you study at Unisa with math literacy?

This School Subject Combination entails the study of Mathematical Literacy and Economics. A student who has successfully completed this qualification will be able to teach from Grades 7 to 12 in the School Subject Combination selected.

Can I be a lawyer with maths literacy?

Only a few courses in the Faculties of Humanities and Law will accept students with Maths Literacy on a National Senior Certificate (NSC). Even some Humanities and Law courses require you to have an understanding of mathematics.

Can I study agriculture without maths?

No, Mathematics is not a compulsory subject for BSC in Agriculture. To get a seat in BSC Agriculture , you should be science student, with PCB or PCM. But you should score minimum 50% or 60% ( depending on Institute) . and also you will have to go for one of the entrance exam like ICAR or TS EAMCET or JCECE.

Which is degrees can I do with maths literacy?

Which DEGREES can I do with Maths Literacy? Answer: Although various institutions have different requirements, we have chosen the University of Johannesburg (UJ) to show you what degrees they offer with Maths Literacy. Usually, the mark required in Maths Literacy is fairly high: 60-70%.

Which is the best subject to learn Maths?

One of the biggest subject choice debates is whether or not learners should choose Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy as a subject. What is Mathematical Literacy? Maths Literacy focuses on the use of basic mathematical skills to find solutions to everyday problems.

Can you get a university degree in maths?

There are a few common misconceptions around doing Mathematical Literacy. One of them is that you can’t get a university degree with the subject. These are the 5 options that you can choose from.

Can you go to University with maths lit?

This is a four year specialised degree available at all major universities in South Africa, and a test or assignment is usually required as a part of your application. Choosing Maths Lit doesn’t mean that you can’t go to university, in fact, there are loads of interesting varsity qualifications that you can attain with this choice.