Where can I buy cultural armor GW2?

Cultural armor is available from cultural armorsmiths in the capital city of the corresponding race. There are three vendors in each city, one for each armor tier. Each tier is available in the three armor weights (light, medium and heavy).

Where is Sylvari cultural armor?

Onnoir is an armorsmith vendor who sells Sylvari cultural armor. He is located south of the Envoy’s Shelter point of interest. The armor has a required level of 60 and can only be used by Sylvari characters.

How do you get carapace armor GW2?

How to obtain

  1. Currently the Carapace shouldpad can be obtained by completing EP5 story or brought from the Bandit Crest collector near the only waypoint in Silverwastes for 1000 crests.
  2. If you want to get the Luminescent shoulderpad, you will need to do the Luminescent Shoulderguard collection.

Where can you buy cultural armor in Guild Wars 2?

The prices are the same for each race, but vary with the tier. Cultural armor can be bought using a combination of coin and Badges of Honor. The armor is sold by vendors within most of the World versus World maps.

How many tiers of armor are there in Guild Wars 2?

There are 7 tiers of crafted armor, one for each level of crafting mastery: novice, initiate, apprentice, journeyman, adept, master, and grandmaster. Additionally, players can craft a rare armor set at tiers 2 through 5, which shares the same skin, and varies only in level requirement.

What kind of currency does armor cost in Guild Wars 2?

Vendors for karma (heart vendors, temple armor vendors), dungeon tokens, raid or strike currency, badges of honor. Occasionally higher tier armor costs a combination of different currencies, such as ascended PvP or WvW armor also requiring Grandmaster Marks. Some vendors just accept coin (Order armor, Cultural armor)

How many pieces of armor does a Sylvari have?

Sylvari cultural armor are the unique sets of cultural armor that can be obtained for the sylvari race. There are 3 tiers of armor for each light, medium, and heavy armor sets with 6 pieces in each set.