What is franked stamp paper?

Franking is the process of stamping a property document, by using a franking machine. The process is facilitated by authorised banks and agents only, who can stamp your legal papers or affix a certain denomination which acts as a proof that the stamp duty for the transaction has been paid.

Is franking equivalent to stamp paper?

The main difference between the two is that stamp duty is a type of tax that indicate the documents are official and legal while franking is a process that indicates any charges or taxes, such as the stamp duty on those documents has been paid. To execute the Sale Deed it has to be on a stamp paper.

Who did the stamp paper scam?

of Abdul Karim Telgi
The show titled ‘Scam 2003: The Curious Case of Abdul Karim Telgi’ is based on the book titled ‘Reporter ki Diary’ by journalist Sanjay Singh. Telgi was convicted of printing counterfeit stamp paper and was jailed for 13 years.

Does franking expire?

Any Franking machine license is valid for 5 years after date of License generation request. After 5 years License will automatically get expire. To renew your license you have to raise renew request for particular license and pay renewal fee for the same.

What is franking fee?

Typically, a franking charge is a fee imposed by the financing institution or agency for stamping the property papers that serve as a legal proof of payment of stamp duty and all other necessary taxes levied on the transaction.

What was stamp scam?

Telgi was taken into police custody in November 2001 in Ajmer. His arrest came after two men peddling fake stamp papers were caught in Bengaluru in 2000. Their arrest had led to the scam being uncovered. The case was taken over by the CBI eventually.

What is counterfeit stamp?

Whoever counterfeits, or knowingly performs any part of the process of counterfeiting, any stamp issued by Government for the purpose of revenue, shall be punished with 104[imprisonment for life], or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine.

Is there a way to see an unfranked stamp?

I used one couple weeks only to receive a Bill from Australia Post. I phoned AP asking why the bill only to be told The stamp was already Franked by some new means and is visible by Ultra Violet Light.

Are there people selling unfranked stamps on eBay?

There are heaps of people selling unfranked stamps on ebay as “collectables”. On a side note I have been buying express post satchels on ebay and all the time they have $2 in stamps for the postage cost with a parcel post or express sticker on them, and they usually get hand delivered.

Who is the person who sold fake stamp papers?

Shawar dropped out of BCom studies and started working as a typist at Kandaya Bhavan. She purchased fake stamp papers, including franked sheets, from Babu and sold them to people. Najma, who studied until class 7, has been working as a broker in Kandaya Bhavan for the past 13 years.

How did the couple get scammed from stamp washing?

Suspicions were raised when a large batch of envelopes was rejected at a sorting office, with tests showing phosphor had been completely washed off the stamps. Investigators then raided the couple’s Barnsley home and found stamps being sorted and towels to dry them as well as related products “all over the address”.