What is Alex from Totally Spies ethnicity?

She appears to be mixed raced, though it’s never completely clear if she’s Black or Hispanic. In “Alex Gets Schooled” her dad is shown to be white and her mom appears to be Black or possibly be Hispanic decent due to her mother´s name being Carmen, which is commonly associated with the Hispanic community.

Do the Totally Spies have parents?

Biography. Carmen is the mother of Alexandra. She looks identical to her daughter, just older (her appearance was changed after “Mommies Dearest” and “Alex Gets Schooled”, as she originally had reddish brown hair with more layers and also had a darker skin tone).

Who is Sam’s boyfriend in Totally Spies?

Kyle Katz. In “The Suavest Spy”, Sam develops a crush on Kyle. Even becoming jealous when Clover dances with him.

What is Alex full name in Totally Spies?

Alexandra Casoy
Alexandra Casoy (originally called Alexandra Heung), or Alex for short, is a spy/student and one of the main characters from Totally Spies!. She is the most active of the spies. She’s an odd mixture between a tomboy and a girly-girl: she is the most athletic and fitness-minded spy of the team.

Who is the main villain in Totally Spies?

Marco Lumière The villain of the two-part episode “A Spy Is Born”, Lumière is an eccentric Hollywood director who became an outcast from the mainstream film community for his bizarre, often sadistic methods.

What are the totally spies last names?

Clover & Alex’s last names are never revealed in the show. Sam says that her last name is Simpson in Season 1 Episode 24 ‘Do You Believe In Magic’ but that is likely an alias since it is never used again.

Who is the main villain in totally spies?

Does Netflix have totally spies?

OKAY, SO TOTALLY SPIES ISN’T ON NETFLIX. But we have some good news for you: All six seasons of Totally Spies are on Amazon’s Prime Video.

How many Totally Spies are there?

Overview. “Totally Spies!” is an animated television series produced by the French/Canadian/American company Marathon Production and the Canadian Company Image Entertainment Corporation. There have been 156 episodes divided into 6 seasons and 26 episodes each.

Does Netflix have Totally Spies?

Where does Alex from Totally Spies come from?

Both revealed that she was at the World Organization of Human protection, WOOHP, a secret organization that fights global crime in an effort to protect human life and Alex had been selected to join their elite group.

Who are the main characters in Totally Spies?

Alexandra Casoy, or Alex for short, is one of three major characters in the ” Totally Spies! ” series. She is Caitlin ‘s rival. Alex’s counterpart is Alice, from the previous WOOHP spy team. She wear a golden yellow catsuit on her WOOHP missions.

When does Alex quit Totally Spies Season 2?

Alex Quits is episode 18 of Season 2 . When Alex fails several WOOHP missions, she begins to seriously doubt her spying abilities. Then, when Jerry introduces the girls to Britney – a pretty, smart, sweet, spy-in-training who’s been assigned to help them on their next mission, Alex only feels worse.

What’s the name of Alex Casoy’s pig in Totally Spies?

The Movie Alex adopts a pig that she names Oinky, and in “evil mascot”, Alex can be seen cuddling a kitten that hates the silent siren and eventually loves Alex, especially when the kitten is taken to W.O.O.A.P.-the World Organization Of Animal Protection.