What happened Mgr death?

In October 1984, M.G Ramachandran was diagnosed with kidney failure as a result of diabetes. He died on 24 December 1987 in his Ramavaram Gardens residence in Manapakkam after a prolonged illness.

Who became CM after Mgr death?

In deference to their wishes, Janaki Ramachandran (as she was now known) became Chief minister in January 1988, shortly after her husband’s death.

When did Jayalalitha die?

December 5, 2016
J. Jayalalithaa/Date of death

Who is MGR’s wife?

V. N. Janakim. 1963–1987
Sathanandavathi Ramachandranm. 1942–1962Thangamani Ramachandranm. ?–1942
M. G. Ramachandran/Wife

Who was MGR’s wife?

When did MG Ramachandran and Jayalalithaa die?

Jayalalithaa’s alleged love affair with her mentor MG Ramachandran aka the famous film star and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MGR is making news after her death. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa passed away on December 5, 2016, due to a prolonged illness.

How old was Jayalalithaa when her mother left her?

When the Jayalalithaa was 25 years old, her mother left her. During this period, MGR was assuming Janaki as his third wife. However, their relationship led to the eventual gain of Jayalalitha in Indian politics.

Who is playing the role of Jayalalithaa in the biopic?

The film actress and late politician who served as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is Jayalithaa, According to reports, Kangana Ranaut will be playing the role of Jayalalithaa. Read Jayalalithaa love affairs with MGR, biopic Thailaivi is releasing soon.

Who is the father of Jayalalithaa’s son Ammu?

The first was “Jaya Vilas” and the second was “Lalitha Vilas”. Her parents had two children. A daughter, Jayalalitha and a son Jayakumar. Afterward, Jayalalitha’s nickname was “Ammu”. Her parents, her relatives, friends know her as Ammu. Jayalalithaa’s father was a lawyer.