What does Abertis do?

Abertis is one of the international market referent in the management of toll roads, managing over 8,700 kilometers of high capacity and quality roads in 16 countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Who owns abertis?

Abertis/Parent organizations
Atlantia, the Italian infrastructure holding company, and ACS Group, the Spanish construction firm, have complete their joint acquisition of Abertis, the Spanish conglomerate.

Where is abertis located?

Even though most of the toll roads it operates in Spain are in Catalonia, the company is headquartered in Madrid. The company runs over 8,600 kilometres of toll roads in the world….Abertis.

Type S.A. (corporation)
Number of employees 15,046 (2017)
Website www.abertis.com

Which state has most toll roads in India?

Tamil Nadu
It’s notable Tamil Nadu has the most number of toll roads in India.

How can I get FASTag from toll plaza?

How can I get FASTag. The official way of getting a FASTag is to apply for the same via your bank or digital payment apps like PAYTM. The process is to upload your vehicle number and registered owner ID proofs online. Then once the payment is made, one can expect the tag to be delivered at desired address.

Can I use FASTag without sticker?

FASTags will be mandatory in a matter of a few hours. FASTag is a tag or a sticker that needs to be affixed on the windscreen of a vehicle. The FASTag uses a technology called Radio Frequency Indentification or RFID.

Can I have 2 FASTag for same car?

Only one FASTag can be issued against any particular vehicle at any given point of time, in case customer reaches to PPBL for new FASTag issuance, customer has to ensure that earlier issued FASTag against same vehicle are destroyed and demolished.