Is shaiya still playable?

There’s no community for the official game at all anymore. Several years ago, Aeria released Shaiya Phoenix, similar to Old School Runescape, and most players shifted to Phoenix. That is until Phoenix was shut down upon which most veterans of the game left entirely for private servers.

What is rec in shaiya?

Reaction Defense or REC is one of six Attributes that a character’s Stat Points can be spent on. Description. Physical and shooting defense-power increases along with HP.

What happened Aeria Games?

In May 2016, Aeria Games merged with Gamigo and let go 100 of their formerly 260 employees in Berlin. Its games are free-to-play and use a micropayment system to generate revenue (in-game item malls and advertising).

How many players play Shaiya?

How Many People Play Shaiya? We estimate that 585 people play per day, with a total player base of 6,162.

Can you play Shaiya on Mac?

Shaiya Online – Supported software – PlayOnMac – Run your Windows applications on Mac easily!

Why is Eden Eternal shutting down?

“Today, with a heavy heart, we are sad to announce that Eden Eternal will officially cease all operations on April 29, 2021.” As with the other games, the company says it’s shuttering the game because it could “no longer sustain itself” (or themselves, in the case of Defiance).

Is Iron Sight dead?

With a heavy heart, we announce today that on Monday, August 10, 2020, at 11 AM CEST the servers of Ironsight will shut down, permanently. From August 15, 2020, Ironsight will be published globally by Wiple Games on Steam.

Who developed shaiya?

Aeria Games
The game has been in open beta since the 18th December 2007. It was created by Sonov Entertainment and published by Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc.

Is Grand Fantasia dead?

Alongside the P2W design of PVP that puts of most of the game’s player base, another major issue with Grand Fantasia is that it’s dead. It is very, very dead. It’s not uncommon to play for hours and not see another living soul.

Is Ironsight pay to win?

Ironsight, the new competitive F2P shooter from gamigo, has received over 1300 reviews on Steam with 72% of them positive. “F2P without the P2W” – Synergy. “Great game for free and not pay to win” -CG_Killer.

What are the skills of a Shaiya Mage?

However skills like Potential Motive and Health assistant help them to reach safe place. * Strength (Also Known As Str) – Physical Attack Power, Ranged Attack Power * Defense (Also Known As Rec) – Physical Defense power, Ranged Defence Power, Total Hitpoints (HP) (The Red Bar.)

What do you mean by Stamina points in Shaiya?

SP: Stamina Points. This stat is your pool for using physical based skills. Note that many skills use both MP and SP. AoE: Area of effect. This term is used to describe a skill or party that focuses on hitting multiple enemies at once. DoT: Damage over time.

Who is ace in the world of Shaiya?

In the world of Shaiya I’m known as Aes (pronounced “ace”). My archer is on the Lailah server, a lvl 58 UM named Aes. I’ve played every class in the game and most of them to high level. While I know a lot about all aspects of the game and all classes, archer is where my true expertise is.

What are the stats for a Shaiya Archer?

HP 242 / MP 137 / SP 218 ATK 33-38 (using the bow you start with) / MAGIC 28-33 / DEF 10 (because of the REC) / RESIST 10 (because of the WIS) That was the archer starting stats, and here’s the hunter’s starting figures.