Is Ritsuko Ikari daughter?

She is the daughter of famous Gehirn scientist Naoko Akagi, who headed the Evangelion project before her. Ritsuko met Misato Katsuragi in college at Tokyo-2, as well as Misato’s boyfriend Ryoji Kaji. In many ways, Ritsuko is living in her mother’s shadow.

Is Ritsuko related to Shinji?

In the anime, it is Ritsuko, not Misato, who asks Shinji to take Rei’s ID card to her apartment. Shinji’s closeness with Rei disturbs Ritsuko. Ritsuko notes Shinji’s complacency and trusts him to do as he’s told, making him an ideal pilot in her view.

Who is Ritsuko dad Evangelion?

Dr. Naoko Akagi, as seen in Neon Genesis Evangelion Most of Naoko’s story is told through her daughter Ritsuko and Episode 21 of the series. Previously the head scientist for Gehirn, she worked with Gendo and his wife Yui Ikari on the development of the first Evangelion.

Why did Ritsuko kiss Shinji?

So she tries to snap him out of it, because Shinji is so swirling with self-hate that Misato is worried he’ll simply sit in the elevator and refuse to move. She tries to yell at him, tries to pep talk him … So she kisses him, gives him a reason to come back (e.g. stay alive), and pushes him into the elevator.

Who killed Yui?

She died in 2004 as a result of her Contact Experiment with Unit-01, but her spirit lives on within the Eva as eternal proof of humanity’s existence.

Is Rei a clone of Shinji’s mother?

Eventually, Ritsuko reveals that Rei is in fact part of a series of clones of Shinji’s mother Yui, and in fact has three iterations throughout the series. Later in End of Evangelion, Rei joins with Lilith and starts Third Impact, relinquishing control of Instrumentality to Shinji.

Who does Shinji kiss?

Asuka compliments Shinji on his cello skills, clapping and telling him she is impressed. Shinji and Asuka kiss, though Asuka pretends it is only out of boredom. We learn in Episode 22 she was trying to reach out to Shinji for support.

What kind of character is Ritsuko Akagi in Evangelion?

Ritsuko is extremely intelligent, with a strong dedication to her work and a stoic, detached attitude which is frequently contrasted against Misato Katsuragi ‘s hotheadedness, especially during Eva combat. Her occasional jibes at Misato are a source of comic relief in the series.

Who is Ritsuko in Neon Genesis Evangelion?

In many ways, Ritsuko is living in the shadow of her mother, whom she both admires and despises. Naoko was the head scientist working on the Evangelion project before her death, and Ritsuko is continuing the work her mother began with the Evas, as well as continuing the development of the Magi supercomputer system.

Who are the characters in Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Clockwise from top-left: Misato Katsuragi, Ryoji Kaji, Makoto Hyuga, Rei Ayanami (face hidden), Shigeru Aoba, Maya Ibuki, Ritsuko Akagi, Hikari Horaki (and Pen-Pen), Toji Suzuhara, Shinji Ikari, Kensuke Aida, and Asuka Langley Soryu. The cast of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Where is Ritsuko’s office in an Evangelion?

Ritsuko’s office. The cat ornaments on her desk. This scene is simple, and, at the same time, enigmatic. Its ‘surface’ meaning is straight-forward enough; Ritsuko’s grandmother calls her to let her know that her cat had died.