Is Racing With the Moon on Netflix?

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Where was racing the moon filmed?

Mendocino Headlands
Racing With The Moon Filmed at Mendocino Headlands, Mendosa Brother’s Store, Savings Bank, many other locations.

Who was Racing to the Moon?

For Americans, President Kennedy’s declaration focused the Space Race on a clear goal: landing a man on the Moon before the Soviets. The Space Race became a race to the Moon. For years, the Soviets officially denied being in a race to the Moon.

Who landed on the moon first?

Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin were the first of 12 human beings who walked on the Moon. Four of America’s moonwalkers are still alive: Aldrin (Apollo 11), David Scott (Apollo 15), Charles Duke (Apollo 16), and Harrison Schmitt (Apollo 17).

Who was the original composer of racing with the Moon?

It was directed by Richard Benjamin and written by Steve Kloves. The original music score was composed by Dave Grusin. The film’s title derives from the 1941 hit song of the same name by Vaughn Monroe.

Who are the actors in the movie Racing with the Moon?

1 Sean Penn as Henry ‘Hopper’ Nash 2 Elizabeth McGovern as Caddie Winger 3 Nicolas Cage as Nicky 4 John Karlen as Mr. Nash 5 Rutanya Alda as Mrs. Nash 6 Max Showalter as Mr. Arthur 7 Bob Maroff as Al 8 Crispin Glover as Gatsby Boy 9 Barbara Howard as Gatsby Girl 10 John Brandon as Mr. Kaiser

What was the date of the race to the Moon?

In the early morning hours of December 21, 1968, three astronauts strapped themselves into a tiny capsule perched atop the most powerful rocket ever built. They were about to attempt the most daring, dangerous mission in the history of exploration: a journey from the earth to the moon.

What’s the rating on racing with the Moon?

As of July 2018, Racing with the Moon holds a rating of 60% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 10 reviews. The film is recognized by American Film Institute in these lists: