Is de Young Museum open Covid?

We are excited to welcome you to the museum! In accordance with an order from the San Francisco Department of Public Health, all individuals regardless of vaccination status must wear a mask while inside the de Young museum.

Is the de Young Museum worth it?

We quite enjoyed the 360-degree, sweeping views of the city from Hamon Tower. Overall, can’t comment on the main art galleries and rooms at the de Young Museum but can suggest that its well worth you time visiting the Hamon Tower and Observation Level.

How long does the de Young Museum take?

2 to 4 hours
The museum will likely take 2 to 4 hours depending on how much time you like to spend.

Can I take pictures at de Young Museum?

Personal Photography The use of large cameras, tripods, selfie-sticks, long-form video and/or flash photography is not allowed. Professional photography (including wedding and engagement photography) is not allowed inside the museum galleries.

How long does it take to tour California Academy of Sciences?

All Academy guests will need to reserve timed-entry tickets in advance. There is no time limit for your visit, but the average guest spends approximately three hours exploring the Academy.

Do you need to buy tickets in advance for MoMA?

MoMA members receive priority access, subject to capacity restrictions, and do not need to book in advance. An allocation of timed tickets is reserved for members each hour; guest privileges apply.

What kind of art is in the de Young Museum?

Make a gift to the Museum Fund and support the de Young and Legion of Honor. Our collections—encompassing American art; art from Africa, Oceania, and the Americas; and costume and textile arts —reflect an active conversation among cultures, perspectives, and time periods.

Where did the de Young Collection come from?

Founding pieces in the collection were purchased from the California International Midwinter Exposition in 1894. From that moment, the de Young’s collections of African art, like those of most major American museums, grew in a random fashion rather than by design—enriched in part by purchases, but…

Who are the members of the de Young?

Benefits are subject to change and may be revoked upon misuse. Art Point is a group of young professionals, collectors, and philanthropists who support the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Members enjoy exclusive access to behind-the-scenes and after-hour programs at the de Young and Legion of Honor.

Is the de Young Building in San Francisco?

Our building is an essential destination in San Francisco, a contemporary architectural landmark that offers sweeping views of the city from a dramatic tower observation level.