How to hijack helicopter in prototype?

To begin skyjacking, get Alex in range of the helicopter, aim, and hold [grab]. Skyjacking a manned helicopter while in-flight is made much easier with the upgraded Whipfist. Targeting the helicopter with the Whipfist and pressing [grab] will sling Alex onto the helicopter. He automatically latches on.

How to hijack helicopter in prototype pc?

It’s an ability you acquire in the second or third part of the game. Once you have it you jump close enough to an helicopter, target it with L2 and press O to catch it. Then you can press O multiple times to hijack it, like with tanks.

Can you hijack a helicopter?

To hijack a helicopter you will need the “skyjack” ability (under Upgrades -> Vehicles). You can only get this when you reach a certain point in the story, and you get it by consuming a military officer similar to the tank and weapon skills upgrades.

How do you hijack in prototype?

To begin hijacking, maneuver Alex to the front and hold the grab button.

How do you get out of a tank in prototype?


  1. Press and hold the circle button to get out of the tank. User Info: chrisrianto84. chrisrianto84 – 9 years ago 1 0.
  2. Yes, of course. the only thing you cant get out of without destroying is a helicopter and that’s if you’re in the air. User Info: RelaX_Frankie. RelaX_Frankie – 10 years ago 1 2.

How do you get out of a vehicle prototype?

you cant just press B, you have to hold it down until he gets out.

How do you get out of a tank in Prototype 2?

What is prototype vehicle?

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What is a prototype race car?

A sports prototype, sometimes referred to as simply a prototype, is a type of race car that is used in the highest-level categories of sports car racing.

How long is Prototype campaign?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 208 11h 05m
Main + Extras 155 17h 23m
Completionists 36 30h 21m
All PlayStyles 399 15h 16m

How do I stop a prototype alert?

Alternatively, you can easily evade the military to end the alert by ducking behind the munitions crates on the raised platform as Alex Mercer, waiting until your military disguise is safe to use, and then switching back to it.

How much does a prototype car cost?

Though scale- model concept cars might cost less than 100,000 dollars to make, the cost involved to develop a full- sized concept vehicle for major automakers generally is above 100,000 dollars and can even be greater than 300,000 dollars with much of this cash being used as salary for the various highly- skilled …

What’s the best way to hijack a helicopter?

Flying kick is arguably the best; press B just before the attack lands. You will then need to press Y to complete the hijack. 2) Use the whipfist’s ranged grab ability (target helicopter, B with whipfist equipped). This is by far the easier method. You will still need to complete a minigame to do the hijcack.

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