How old was Chantal Kreviazuk when she started singing?

Chantal Kreviazuk is a Canadian-born singer and songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba who began playing piano from ear at the age of three. It wasn’t though until 1994, while finding herself in Italy, Chantal was in a motorcycle accident and began thinking it was time to take her musical talents seriously.

What was the name of Chantal Kreviazuk’s movie?

Kreviazuk’s “Time” was played in the credits of the movie Uptown Girls, and featured in an episode of the MTV reality show, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, the pilot episode of the ABC romantic comedy /drama Men in Trees, the CBS drama Joan of Arcadia, and the ABC family movie Lucky 7.

When did Chantal Kreviazuk write feel this moment?

In 2012 Chantal wrote the Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera single ” Feel This Moment ” with The Messengers. She also wrote Josh Groban ‘s single ” Brave ” with Groban and Thomas “Tawgs” Salter. In 2014 she wrote the song “You Don’t Care About Me” with Shakira, released on her self-titled album.

When did Chantal Kreviazuk cover John Denver?

In 1998, Chantal recorded a cover of John Denver’s, “Leaving on a Jetplane” for the Armageddon movie soundtrack, which went double platinum.

When did Chantal Kreviazuk star in Pretty Broken?

In 2007, Kreviazuk starred in Pretty Broken, a short film about a woman dealing with mental illness. Kreviazuk also co-produced the movie. Kreviazuk has contributed vocals to various releases by other artists.

When did Chantal Kreviazuk sign with Sony BMG?

Kreviazuk released two more studio albums with the Columbia label, Colour Moving and Still (1999) and What If It All Means Something (2002), both of which brought moderate commercial success worldwide. She signed with Sony BMG for her fourth album, Ghost Stories (2006), which reached number two on the Canadian Albums Chart .