How do you remove the glove box on a 2001 Toyota Corolla?

To remove glove compartment: Pull up the front passenger scuff plate to free the passenger kick panel. Unscrew the clip from the kick panel to remove it. Underneath that kick panel is one of 2 bolts that needs to be removed.

How do you remove a Toyota glove box?

To remove it first You need to open it up to access the screw to the closing mechanism. After opening it up and finding that screw to the closing mechanism, unscrew it and remove the screw. After doing so You can pull out the arm to the closing mechanism away from the glovebox.

Does a 2002 Corolla have a cabin air filter?

Genchi Genbutsu : No, the Corolla’s didn’t get Cabin Air filters till 2003.

How much is Toyota cabin filter?

Genuine Toyota 87139-YZZ20 Cabin Air Filter

Was: $18.99 Details
Price: $16.98
You Save: $2.01 (11%)

What is a cabin filter on Toyota?

What is it? A Toyota genuine cabin air filter is a premium product that helps keep contaminants such as dust, dirt, pollen and other debris from entering your vehicle’s passenger cabin. In addition to keeping the air inside your vehicle clean, keeping out dust helps keep your vehicle’s interior clean.

What does a glove box damper do?

A glove box damper device is disclosed having a cam rotationally moving against a spring to slow the descent of glove box lid during opening. The glove box damper device is easy to install, has reduced costs over many previous damper devices and reduces breakage.

How do you remove the glove box on a 2001 Toyota Tacoma?

If it’s the same as second gen tacomas, first open the door, remove the contents. Disconnect the dampener shock. Then squeeze both sides in and pull it, it should pop out.

What is the Set button on a Toyota Corolla?

The “SET button” can be used when performing a tire rotation that has different tire pressures in the front and rear, changing or adjusting the tire pressure, changing tire size, or when tires are replaced.

Where is the cabin air filter on a 2002 Toyota Corolla?

Cabin air filter is located inside of the car on the passenger side, under the glove box. For more guidance feel free to ask about how to replace the air conditioning filter for Toyota Corolla.

What are the signs of a bad cabin air filter?

What Happens When A Cabin Air Filter Gets Dirty?

  • Unpleasant, sometimes musty smells.
  • Visible debris entering the cabin.
  • Ineffective or less effective heating, cooling, defrosting, or defogging.
  • Increased noise from an overtaxed blower motor.