How do you improve your socialist rating on tapped out?

Your social interaction with your neighbors plays the main role in your Conform-O-Meter Socialism Rating. So by being the social butterfly and having neighbors and visiting them regularly you improve your Socialism rating & you’re that much closer to maxing out your Conform-O-Meter.

Can’t update tapped out?

Re: Simpsons Tapped Out won’t download update or let me play Go to the update page of the App Store on the device. Put your finger in the middle of the screen and pull down repeatedly until a spinning ‘wheel’ shows up at the top. Wait for it to reload. Repeat until the update shows up.

What improves righteousness in tapped out?

Every building you “tag” causes your Righteousness rating to drop 5 points. -Cleaning up your neighbor’s buildings (and your own) will raise your Righteousness rating by 1 point for every building you clean.

How do I increase my conform o meter?

Its level can be raised by purchasing trees, flowers, and bushes. Some examples include the Apple Tree, Shrub and Snapdragons.

Is the Simpsons Tapped Out a good game?

If you’re nostalgic, or if you’re still a fan in spite of the naysayers, EA’s The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a great game, with surprisingly decent writing and all the references you can muster. Here are 10 important tips for long-time players and the uninitiated alike.

What happens in the first day of tapped out?

That means the new event is just around the corner, and the last thing you need is for your primary characters to be wrapped up in a twenty-four hour job when the event drops. You can miss out on the entire first day, which is when vital buildings and frustrating 6-second jobs need to be knocked out.

Why does tapped out take so long to load?

It can be very easy to forget to visit your friends’ towns, particularly if you don’t even have a fleeting interest in the rewards the game offers you for tapping three of their buildings. They also take a minute to even load up.

How are Donuts used in the Simpsons Tapped Out?

Redirect all of your characters’ actions towards the immediate accumulation of Donuts, and you might simply be able to purchase the reward with that, instead. The Donut cost of a reward actually goes down as you accumulate more event-based currency, so you might not even realize that Donuts are a last-minute alternative.