How do I change my Cisco IP phone settings?

Using the Phone’s Network Configuration Screen (Cisco IP Phone Models 7905G/7912G) Step 1 Press the Menu button. Step 2 Use the Navigation button to select Settings, and then press the Select softkey. Step 3 Use the Navigation button to select Network Configuration, and then press the Select softkey.

How do you program a Cisco IP phone?

Cisco IP Phone Installation

  1. Verify the Network Setup.
  2. Activation Code Onboarding for On-premises Phones.
  3. Activation Code Onboarding and Mobile and Remote Access.
  4. Enable Autoregistration for Phones.
  5. Install the Cisco IP Phone.
  6. Set Up the Phone from the Setup Menus.
  7. Configure Network Settings.
  8. Verify Phone Startup.

How do I configure my Cisco 7912 IP phone?

  1. Cisco 7912 IP Phone Feature and Key Overview.
  2. Basic Features.
  3. Installing the IP Phone and Connecting to the Network. Connect an Ethernet cable to the Network port (left port) on the phone.
  4. Press the NewCall soft key and dial the number. Internal Extension:
  5. Press the Answer soft key. End a Call.
  6. Soft Features.

How do I connect my Cisco phone to my network?

First, disconnect the Ethernet cable from the computer and attach it to the network port on the back of your phone. Next, use the Ethernet cable included with your phone to connect the access port on the back of your phone to your desktop computer. Your Cisco IP Phone now shares a network connection with your computer.

Can I use my work Cisco IP phone at home?

Using Your Desk Phone at Home Companies that have Cisco Expressway will be able to bring Cisco 7800 and 8800 series phones home. They can register phones securely back to the corporate phone system. To power the phone, you will need a power supply or power injector. The phone can also directly connect to a home router.

How do I unlock a Cisco IP phone?

1. Unlock Settings – *, *, #.

  1. Go to the Settings page of the phone.
  2. While in the settings page, press *, *, # (star, star, pound) about 1/2 second apart.
  3. The phone will display “Settings Unlocked” and allow you to make changes.

How do I setup my Cisco phone?

Configure Cisco CallManager

  1. Go to the main menu window, choose Device > Phone > Add a New Phone, and then select Cisco IP Communicator from the Phone type pull-down menu.
  2. Click Next in order to get to the Phone Configuration window.
  3. Click Insert.
  4. Click OK in order to get to the Directory Number Configuration window.

What are the settings on Cisco Unified IP phone?

The Cisco Unified IP Phone includes the following configuration menus: • Network Configuration menu—Provides options for viewing and making a variety of network settings. For more information, see the “Network Configuration Menu” section .

Which is the default mode for Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

Cisco Authority Proxy Function—The CAPF service on Unified Communications Manager issues LSCs that are signed by CAPF service itself. This is the default mode. Online CA—Use this option to have an external online CA signed LSC for phones. The CAPF service connects automatically to the external CA.

How to set CAPF settings in Cisco Unified?

Use Bulk Administration Tool to apply CAPF settings to many phones in a single operation. You can apply CAPF settings on a phone-by-phone basis. (Optional) Set a keepalive value for the CAPF-Endpoint connection so that it’s not timed out by a firewall. The default value is 15 minutes.

Where does a Cisco Unified IP phone get its VLAN ID?

If neither the auxiliary VLAN nor the Administrative VLAN are configured, this option is blank. The phone obtains its Operational VLAN ID via Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) from the switch to which the phone is attached.