Can I withdraw money from my PC Mastercard?

As a PC Financial Mastercard credit card customer, you may be able to use your card to take out a cash advance at bank machines that accept Mastercard, write convenience cheques, or complete a money transfer. The cash limit refers to the maximum that you’re able to withdraw for these purposes.

Can I get a cash advance on my Mastercard?

Most Mastercard credit cards also allow you to obtain cash advances at an ATM. You will need a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to withdraw cash. You can find your issuer’s contact information on the back of your Mastercard and on your billing statement. Or you can visit the issuer’s Web site.

How much does PC Mastercard charge for cash advance?

Almost every credit card in Canada charges an upfront cash-advance fee. You’ll either pay a percentage of your transaction or a flat amount. For the President’s Choice Financial® Mastercard® the fee is $3.50 for a cash advance in Canada and $5 for a cash advance outside Canada.

How much cash advance can I get from my credit card?

What is the maximum you can withdraw through a credit card cash advance? Cash advances are typically capped at a percentage of your card’s credit limit. For example, if your credit limit is $15,000 and the card caps your cash advance limit at 30%, your maximum cash advance will be $4,500.

What is the limit on a PC Mastercard?

PC World Mastercard: $60,000 personal, or $100,000 household, and. PC World Elite Mastercard: $80,000 personal, or $150,000 household.

Does cash advance hurt your credit?

A cash advance doesn’t directly affect your credit score, and your credit history won’t indicate you borrowed one. The cash advance balance will, however, be added to your credit card debt, which can hurt your credit score if it pushes your credit utilization ratio too high.

Where can I do a MasterCard cash advance?

Another way to get a Mastercard cash advance is to go into any bank branch that displays the Mastercard logo and give the card to a teller, then request a cash advance of a certain amount. You won’t need your PIN this way, as the teller will ask for a photo ID instead.

What credit score is needed for a PC Mastercard?

680 to 750
What credit score do I need for a PC MasterCard – The credit score needed to get approved for a PC Mastercard credit card is between fair to good which means 680 to 750. For the President’s Choice Financial World Elite Mastercard the credit score needed is good to excellent (700 to 850).

What is the credit limit on a PC Financial Mastercard?

The minimum credit limit on PC MasterCard is around $100 with a preload feature of about $1000. If you utilize the $1000, you’re not required to pay back, though when you start dipping into the $100, then you’ll be required to pay back the $100.

What can you do with a credit card cash advance?

One way to think of a cash advance is as a short-term cash loan you can access through your credit card. Another is to picture that you’re using your credit card to “buy” cash.

What are the rewards of a PC MasterCard?

The President’s Choice Financial Mastercard is the entry-level card in their series of cards and has the following specifications: 1. Earn 25 PC Optimum points per $1 spent at Shoppers Drug Mart ( 2.5% rewards rate ). 2. Earn 30 points per litre of gas purchased at Esso/Mobil stations. 3. Earn 20 points (2%) per $1 spent at PC Travel.

How does President’s choice MasterCard cash advance work?

President’s Choice Financial Mastercard convenience cheques will be posted to your account as a cash advance at your Cash Advance interest rate and, interest will be charged from the day the convenience cheque is posted to your account until the balance is paid in full.

Where can I use my PC Financial MasterCard?

The PC Financial Mastercard credit cards are excellent for earning PC Optimum points and free groceries if you regularly shop at Loblaw owned or affiliated stores like the Real Canadian Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart, No Frills, Zehrs, Valu-Mart, and Esso.