Who is the narrator for Planet Earth?

David AttenboroughOriginal Version
Sigourney WeaverDiscovery Channel Version
Planet Earth/Narrated by
Sir David Attenborough, the legendary broadcaster most famous for narrating BBC documentary series such as Planet Earth and Life, has spoken out against humanity’s effect on the world he has covered for the past six decades.

How is Planet Earth filmed underwater?

In Planet Earth, he says, the team achieved visual breakthroughs by attaching a specially-developed gyro-stabilized camera with an extremely powerful zoom lens to a helicopter. This let them film animals from the sky, without disturbance and without camera shake.

Is Our Planet CGI?

Netflix viewers should rest assured, however, that all of Our Planet is real footage. No computer-generated imagery was used in Our Planet – the Netflix series is all real footage of the wildlife of the world.

How was Our Planet filmed?

How was it filmed? In total, it took more than 3,500 days to film Our Planet. More than 600 members of crew came on board to help capture all of the incredible footage using the latest in 4K camera technology required to make Our Planet a reality.

Is Blue Planet 2 real or animated?

How much of Blue Planet II is filmed in studios or other artificial environments? The overwhelming majority of Blue Planet II has been filmed in the wild. Blue Planet II is a natural history series, led by the latest scientific discoveries and we’ve collaborated with hundreds of scientists around the world’s oceans.

How much of our planet is CGI?

None of the content in Our Planet contains computer-generated imagery (CGI), everything is completely real. Blue Planet was filmed over four years, in over 50 countries across the world.

How much of Our Planet is CGI?

How old is Our Planet?

4.543 billion years