Where can I watch Thai boxing in Thailand?

Here are the top 5 places to catch Muay Thai fights in Bangkok:

  • Lumpinee Stadium. Despite being located out of town, Lumpinee Stadium hosts the best fights in the country.
  • Rajadamnern Stadium.
  • Channel 7 Stadium.
  • MX Muay Xtreme.
  • MBK Fight Nights.

Is Thai boxing the same as Muay Thai?

Many a times, Muay Thai is used as an umbrella term for all martial arts practiced in Thailand; be it kick boxing, Kungfu etc.; Thai boxing is a more specific term and refers to the boxing that is done globally. Muay Thai is different to boxing in some of the styles employed.

Where can I watch Thai Boxing in Phuket?

Sometimes the smaller, more local stadiums have the better atmosphere, and the better fights.

  • Patong Boxing Stadium. One of the two stadiums in Patong, the Patong Boxing Stadium is always busy.
  • Bangla Boxing Stadium.
  • Soi Ta-eiad (Chockchai) Stadium.
  • Suwit Stadium.
  • Rawai Boxing Stadium.

Is Muay Thai only done in Thailand?

Today, Muay Thai is practised and competed not only in Thailand, but also all around the world.

What’s better for a street fight Boxing or Muay Thai?

A Muay Thai fighter would actually have a huge advantage in a “clinch” style situation in a street fight, which is something that can’t be replicated with years of Boxing training. Boxing is useful because it gives you a great advantage with footwork and self-defense.

How much training do you need for first Muay Thai fight?

A general rule of thumb is at least 20 hours training per week, or in other words 3.5 – 4 hours per day, 6 days per week, for 6 to 8 weeks. On an average day you should try to do AT LEAST: 30 minutes of running. 30 minutes of strength and conditioning.

What channel is Thai fight on?

THAI FIGHT BANGKOK LIVE broadcasted on Channel 3 and 33 from 6.20-8.00 pm and on Channel 28 from 8.00-9.45 pm.