When does the next Stieg Larsson movie come out?

It’s been said that the film has a projected earning of impressive $56 million. Both Rooney Mara, Daniel Craig, writer Steve Zaillian and director David Fincher are signed on to all three movies. Columbia studios has stated that the trilogy will be shot back to back. Release date for the next film has only been set to 2013.

Who is the author of the Stieg Larsson biography?

Seven Stories Press has acquired the North American rights. But Barry Forshaw, author of the 2010 Larsson biography, “The Man Who Left Too Soon,” said Gabrielsson has cleverly positioned herself in the debate.

Who was Stieg Larsson’s girlfriend in Millennium?

Eva Gabrielsson, the author’s partner of 30 years, has published a memoir, “Millennium, Stieg and Me,” that has evoked all the rage of his most memorable character: Lisbeth Salander. Like the computer hacker Salander, who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of men who hate women, Gabrielsson, 57, has cried loudly that she, too, has been wronged.

When did Stieg Larsson start his fan site?

CONTACT stieglarsson.com has been online since 2007, now with over 4 million visitors in total. BIOGRAPHY SEARCH Search for:Search Discussion Boards THE GREATEST STIEG LARSSON FAN SITE

What did Stieg Larsson do for a living?

Stieg Larsson (1954–2004) 1 Known For 2 Filmography. – Nordic Noir: The Story of Scandinavian Crime Fiction (2010) 3 Personal Details. Novel: “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (filmed as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011))). Did You Know?

Who are the owners of Stieg Larsson books?

In February 2010, Columbia Pictures signed a deal with the Swedish production company Yellow Bird, which owns the cinematic rights to the three books, and Stieg Larsson’s father Erland Larsson and brother Joakim Larsson.