When did Word of Mouf come out?

November 6, 2001
Word Of Mouf/Release date

How did Ludacris get his name?

Ludacris stated in an interview on MTV’s hip hop program Direct Effect that he came up with his stage name based on his “split personality” that he considered “ridiculous” and “ludicrous”.

What is Ludacris real name?

Christopher Brian Bridges
Ludacris/Full name

Ludacris, whose real name is Christopher Brian Bridges, celebrated Christmas and rang in the New Year in Gabon, where he received the citizenship.

What is Ludacris famous for?

Ludacris is a rapper and actor from Atlanta, Georgia, known for his boisterous lyrics and “Dirty South” sound. He made his mainstream breakthrough in 2000 with his second album, Back for the First Time, and has since become a label boss, restaurateur and philanthropist, while still releasing music.

Who produced Word of Mouf?


Word of Mouf
Length 78:54
Label Disturbing tha Peace Def Jam South
Producer Ludacris Swizz Beatz Paul King Bangladesh Timbaland Organized Noize KLC Jook Jazze Pha
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Who sampled Ludacris Growing Pains?

Ludacris and Scarface feat. Lil’ Fate and Keon Bryce’s ‘Growing Pains’ sample of William Bell’s ‘I Forgot to Be Your Lover’ | WhoSampled.

Who sampled worst comes to worst?

Dilated Peoples feat. Guru’s ‘Worst Comes to Worst’ sample of William Bell’s ‘I Forgot to Be Your Lover’ | WhoSampled.

What song is growing pains sampled from?

What do you think of word of Mouf by Ludacris?

Even so, it’s overall a worthy exchange, since there’s something here on Word of Mouf for everyone, signaling Ludacris ‘ leap from the Dirty South underground to the pop-rap mass market. Saturday (Oooh! Ooooh!)

Which is the best song from word of Ludacris?

A particularly humorous highlight is the previously released (on the Rush Hour 2 soundtrack) single “Area Codes,” a tongue-twisting, good-spirited Jazze Pha production. Less humorous though likewise standout is the lead single, “Rollout (My Business),” a rallying Timbaland production with a simple yet inescapable hook.

What’s the name of Ludacris second album?

Ludacris ‘ second album for Def Jam, Word of Mouf, is a superstar affair that aims for mass appeal with a broad array of different styles.

What did the Chicago Tribune say about Ludacris?

Soren Baker of the Chicago Tribune also praised the album’s comedic nature, commenting that “Whether he’s delivering a punchy one-liner, exaggerating his rhyme flow to a silly extreme or cleverly deploying pop culture references, Ludacris keeps the mood light and festive.