When did the first episode of Pokemon XY come out?

From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. This is a list of episodes of Pokémon the Series: XY, which first aired between October 17, 2013 and October 27, 2016 in Japan and between January 18, 2014 and January 21, 2017 in the United States, though the first two episodes aired as a preview in the United States on October 19, 2013.

Who are the characters in Pokemon XY episodes?

These episodes follow Ash Ketchum in his Pokémon journey across the Kalos region along with his new friends: the Lumiose City Gym Leader Clemont, his younger sister Bonnie, and a rookie Performer named Serena . Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! カロス地方にやってきた!

Where can I find Pokemon X reader stories?

Gold X Reader // High School!AU Gold Hibiki has dated pretty much every single girl in the entire school; the number of broken hearts that he has left in his wake is inf… As you prepare for your first paranormal investigation, you have no idea your life is going to change when you get exactly what you were looking for.

Who is y / n l / n in Pokemon X reader?

Y/N L/N was a girl who lived in Pallet town and she was a anti social type and only talked to the Pokemon that lurked in her haunted mansion.. My collection of Pokémon characters x reader oneshots – a place where it’s OK to kiss strangers. Some of the stories contain spoilers to the anime series, generations ep… “So… I died.

What are the episodes of Pokemon Season 17?

Episode #1 Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! Episode #2 Lumiose City Pursuit! Episode #3 A Battle of Aerial Mobility! Episode #4 A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship! Episode #5 A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle! Episode #6 Battling on Thin Ice! Episode #7 Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race! Episode #8 Grooming Furfrou!

Where do Ash and Pikachu go in season 17?

Pokémon Season: 17. It’s time for Ash and Pikachu to set off on their adventures in the Kalos region! Along the way, they’re joined by some new friends—a genius inventor named Clemont, his little sister Bonnie, and Serena, a Trainer on her first journey.