What was the Australian dollar worth in 2013?

Buying power of $100 in 2013

Year Dollar Value Inflation Rate
2013 $100.00 2.48%
2014 $102.51 2.51%
2015 $104.06 1.51%
2016 $105.41 1.30%

Why did the Australian dollar drop in 2013?

The Australian dollar has depreciated on a trade-weighted (TWI) basis from its peak in 2013 following the end of the mining boom. As a result, the difference between interest rates in Australia and those in major advanced economies – the interest rate differential – has declined (Graph 1).

Is the AUD to USD going to improve?

In 2021, the trend for the Australian dollar is rising, if you agree with the top 4 banks in Australia. ANZ, CBA, NAB and Westpac are all predicting the Australian dollar to average above 75 cents against the US dollar in 2021, about 5 cents higher than in 2020.

Why was the AUD so high in 2012?

It was driven by Australia’s fiscal position, a proactive central bank and by relatively high interest rates; finally it was driven by the financial crises that gripped the US in 2008 and beyond, and continues to wreak havoc across Europe right now.

Why is Australian dollar dropping?

The currency fell 1.2 per cent to a fresh year-to-date low of US72. there is a growing risk [it] dips below US70¢ because of the negative Australia‑US 10‑year bond spread and slowing Chinese economic growth,” said currency strategist at Commonwealth Bank, Carol Kong.

What happened to the Australian dollar in March 2020?

In March, the Aussie dollar fell to a year-to-date closing low of $0.5738 against the greenback as the coronavirus crisis intensified, and lockdown measures were triggered nationwide. Defying the country’s weak economic outlook, the currency continued strengthening in the past few months.

Where is AUD worth the most?

Russia. As the world’s largest country, Russia also comes in at number one for value for money for Aussies, with a Big Mac costing 110.17 rubles or around AUD$2.47.

Why is AUD so strong today?

As the mining and export industry thrives, the value of the Australian dollar rises. Strong demand – particularly from China – is driving this process. The current volatile market situation in the US and particularly Europe has helped make Australia’s currency appear to be a safer alternative to investors.