What station is NPR in Hawaii?

Hawaii NPR Member Stations

Station City Frequency
KHPR-FM Honolulu 88.1
KIPO-FM Honolulu 89.3
KKUA-FM Wailuku 90.7

Where can I listen to HPR?

HPR Podcasts

  • The Conversation Apple | Spotify | Google.
  • The Body Show Apple | Spotify | Google.
  • Bytemarks Café Apple | Spotify | Google.
  • Manu Minute Apple | Spotify | Google.
  • Off the Road with Dave Lawrence Apple | Spotify | Google.

What station is HPR?

HPR operates as two distinct services….HPR-1 service.

Call sign KHPR
Frequency 88.1 FM
City of license Honolulu, Hawaii
Class C0
ERP (W) 39,000

How can I stream Hawaii news?

Watch Live. Live video from HNN is available on your computer, tablet and smartphone during all local newscasts. When HNN is not airing a live newscast, you will see replays of the most recent newscasts.

What is HPR1?

Heartland Public Radio broadcasts Classic Country Music and Bluegrass Gospel Music commercial-free 24 hours a day. Our first two live channels represent the first two generations of Classic Country music. HPR1 covers the mid-1940s through the early 1970s.

What station is NPR Maui?

KHPR, KKUA 90.7 FM, Maui, HI | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

Is there a tsunami in Hawaii?

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says after evaluation and based on all available data, there is no tsunami threat to Hawaiʻi.

What are the radio stations in Hawaii?

Hawaii has 73 FM and 32 AM radio stations: Honolulu is the only Nielsen Audio -rated radio market in Hawaii. Among the major companies that own stations in Hawaii include Salem Communications , Summit Media , iHeartMedia, HH Media and Ohana Family.

Can you listen to radio online?

Although you can’t listen to radio transmissions in the conventional sense, you can stream many radio stations over the internet. In fact, many radio stations now have dedicated apps to make it easy to listen online – and there are also loads of dedicated online shows and services that you can take advantage of.

Where can I listen to music for free?

Let’s check out the sites where you can listen to free music online without downloading or signing up; Google Play Music. Spotify. Pandora. Last.fm. iHeartRadio. Hype Machine. AccuRadio.