What is intelligence mirror imaging?

The most common personality trap, known as mirror-imaging is the analysts’ assumption that the people being studied think like the analysts themselves. An important variation is to confuse actual subjects with one’s information or images about them, as the sort of apple one eats and the ideas and issues it may raise.

What is mirror imaging do analysts generally want to engage in mirror imaging or not why?

Mirror-imaging means that an analyst may perceive and process information through the filter of personal experience. Mirror-imaging imposes personal perspectives and cultural background on incomplete data, undermining objectivity.

What is mirror imaging bias?

Abstract. The Mirror Imaging Bias (MIB) is gaining attention as a prominent quality factor in analysts’ performance. MIB is an irrationality in which analysts perceive and process information through the filter of personal experience.

Why is it important that an intelligence analyst be aware of his or her possible biases?

Use interview questions about the candidate’s awareness of their own biases as a tool to gauge analyst maturity and opportunities for mentoring. Most junior analysts are either not aware of their own biases or think they have none. They concentrate on the process, research, and finished product.

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Why are cognitive biases called biases?

Cognitive biases are often a result of your brain’s attempt to simplify information processing. Biases often work as rules of thumb that help you make sense of the world and reach decisions with relative speed. Some of these biases are related to memory.

Is mirror-imaging a cognitive bias?

Three observations about the heuristic of mirror-imaging which are worth noting: (1) it is widely acknowledged that mirror- imaging is one of the most challenging cognitive biases faced by intelligence officers and analysts,4 (2) it is ‘prevalent throughout the intelligence community’ and (3) Heuer advances an even …

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What is the definition of an intelligence failure?

An intelligence failure can be defined as any misunderstanding of a situation that leads a government or its military forces to take actions that are inappropriate and counterproductive to its own interests(Schulsky & Schmitt 2002: 63). It is a mistake to think that any human endeavor, including intelligence, will be error-free.

What is the scientific method of mirror imaging?

This is a cognitive trap that in the world of intelligence analysis has been called ‘mirror-imaging.’ In the scientific method, one first proposes a hypothesis, experiments, then comes to a conclusion as the data allows.

Why is mirror imaging considered a mortal sin?

In the intelligence community, mirror-imaging is a mortal sin, since the whole point of analysis is to provide policy-makers with an unbiased report that states not only what the other side is doing, but what their possible intentions are. This is a process that needs to also be examined outside of the world of intelligence.

Is it a mistake to think that intelligence is error free?

It is a mistake to think that any human endeavor, including intelligence, will be error-free. Enemies may be underestimated or overestimated, and events that should be predictable go unforeseen.