What is Apple Magic Trackpad used for?

The first Multi-Touch Trackpad designed to work with your Mac desktop computer, the Apple Magic Trackpad lets your fingers do the clicking, scrolling, and swiping.

Is the Magic Trackpad worth it?

I would recommend the Magic Trackpad 2 for just about anyone who owns or is about to buy an iMac or Mac Mini, as its large surface area makes it especially ideal for navigating a big-screen desktop environment. If you’re big on creative apps like GarageBand and iMovie, the Trackpad opens up some handy extra features.

Does Magic Trackpad come with iMac?

It comes with every Mac desktop. A Magic Trackpad will cost an additional $50. If you want both the Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse, you’ll pay a total of $129 for both. That’s if you’re buying a new Mac desktop.

How much is an Apple trackpad?

Apple Magic Trackpad 2 (Wireless, Rechargable) – Silver

List Price: $129.00 Details
You Save: $10.00 (8%)

Can you use Apple trackpad to draw?

Magic allows you to make extraordinary drawings using only your Mac’s trackpad – it’s one of a kind. All you have to do is click on the canvas and then start drawing on the trackpad exactly where you want it.

Is a trackpad better than a mouse?

A mouse on a nice, flat surface with a good mouse pad underneath will be the best choice when working from a simple, static location, but in less optimal conditions, like working in an airport chair, a trackpad will always win.

Can you use a stylus on a MacBook Air trackpad?

The Macbook Air and the Macbook Pro are both known for their best in class touch pad. This means that any stylus meant for use with the iPad (or any capacitive tablet) can easily turn your Macbook touch pad into a small, but effective drawing tablet. …

Why is Apple Magic Trackpad so expensive?

Part of the cost is clearly the large rechargeable battery the device contains, but paying twice the price to avoid using my own replaceable batteries makes no sense. Yes, trackpads eat up batteries very quickly; I generally get 3-4 weeks of use with mine, compared to several months with the wireless keyboard.

How does the Apple Magic Trackpad work on a Mac?

The first Multi-Touch Trackpad designed to work with your Mac desktop computer, the Apple Magic Trackpad lets your fingers do the clicking, scrolling, and swiping. The Apple Magic uses the same Multi-Touch technology found on the MacBook Pro, giving you a whole new way to control and interact with what’s on your screen.

What’s the price of the Magic Trackpad 1?

The Magic Trackpad 1 was priced at $69.99. The new Magic Trackpad is now $149.99. Do all of the new features of warrant the whopping expense? The tired excuse of, “Well, that’s what Apple does”, is not going to work here.

Do you need Bluetooth to use Magic Trackpad?

You can use two fingers to scroll pages while swiping with four fingers will let you switch between open applications. The stuff looks tempting but Apple’s marketing brochure clearly states that you need a Bluetooth-enabled Mac computer running Mac OS X Snow Leopard in order to use the Magic Trackpad.

What’s the difference between Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2?

Admittedly, one really nice touch that Apple has provided in the Magic Trackpad 2, is that it now has a lower profile, matching that of the new Magic Keyboard. Now you can place the keyboard and trackpad next to each other and they are flush with one another, and the height of the unit has not changed, nor the angle in which it rests.