What episode of She was pretty does he find out?

When Sung Joon finds out the truth about Ha Ri’s charade, he doesn’t spare her another moment, but rushes off.

What happened in the last episode of she was pretty?

November 11, 2015
She Was Pretty/Final episode date

Who does Kim end up with in she was pretty?

On the 11th episode of MBC’s Wednesday & Thursday drama, “She Was Pretty”, Kim Hyejin (Hwang Jung-eum) rejected Kim Sin-hyeok (Choi Si-won), who was in one-sided love with her, and decided to be with her first love Ji Seong-joon (Park Seo-joon).

Where can I watch she was pretty?

She was pretty | Netflix.

Is she was pretty on Viki?

She Was Pretty | Rakuten Viki.

Who does Hye-Jin end up with?

While continuing to pretend to be Hye-jin, she ends up falling for Sung-joon. Fearing that her relationship with her best friend might be compromised, she tries several times to tell him the truth only to fail in the end and having Hye-jin find out first.

What happens to the most in she was pretty?

Actually, Sung-joon was promoted to become an editor-in-chief for fashion magazine The Most, replacing former editor Lala (Hwang Suk-jung), who decided to leave the post to get married to an Italian model. Hye-jin also became the children’s book author she had dreamt of being since her grade school days.

Is she was pretty a good Kdrama?

Overall Thoughts. This romantic comedy is the perfect escape after a long day. The accidental situations Hye-Jin finds herself in will bring a smile to your face. Despite all the trials she encounters, this story is ultimately about her finding the way to her dream of being a writer.

Is she was pretty on Tubi?

Watch She Was Pretty – Free TV Series | Tubi.

Who does Hye Jin end up with?

Is she was pretty available on VIU?

Available to Premium Members only.

Who gets together in she was pretty?

Hye-jin also became the children’s book author she had dreamt of being since her grade school days. In the end, the two finally got married and led a happy, romantic life, having a cute daughter with curly hair, who looked just like Hye-jin.

When did the TV show she was pretty come out?

It aired on MBC from September 16 to November 11, 2015, on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 22:00. The series was both a hit domestically, with a peak rating of 18.4% and internationally, especially in China.

Who is the author of she was pretty?

She Was Pretty Also known as She Was Beautiful Puzzled Lovers Pretty Genre Romantic comedy Workplace drama Written by Jo Sung-hee Directed by Jung Dae-yoon

What happens in Episode 15 of Dramabeans she was pretty?

Shin-hyuk’s identity as Ten is all anyone can think about, and even Ha-ri calls Hye-jin to tell her the news. Hye-jin only now finds out that Ha-ri knew her friend. She runs out of the building, running into Sung-joon on her way out, and asks what they should do now.

Who is Ha-ri in she was pretty episode 16?

Aww, I was hoping it was Sung-joon, but it’s Ha-ri, taking a break from school to see her friend. Ha-ri notices how happy and at peace Hye-jin is here, though Hye-jin gives Most all the credit. Without having worked at Most, she wouldn’t have met her mentor and gotten this offer.